Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Boys Say

The boys have said a few funny things the past couple of days. A few days ago Rophone and I were discussing the fact that the 2 wheeled bike we hope to get Bud riding this summer is pink. At the time we purchased the bike, we had two girls who we knew would love it and assumed that we'd have the money to buy a new bike for any boys that might come along. (Yes, I know what they say about "assuming") 

Bud was sitting with us as we had the discussion, and was excited when we talked about getting him out on the 2-wheeler with training wheels this summer and letting Big have his old tricycle to ride. As the conversation was ending I said to Bud, "If we have enough money by summer, we'll get you a bike in a color that you'll really love, okay?" At this, Bud got even more excited and shouted out, "Yes!! In pink!" Guess we can just save that money after all. What can I say? We have a boy who's secure enough in his manhood to unabashedly flaunt his love of pink. (Here's to hoping the neighbor boys think it's as cool)

We have a map of Oregon that has illustrations to help show points of interest and teach facts about Oregon. Near the town of Joseph, Oregon, there is a drawing of Chief Joseph, the famous Nez Perce Indian for which the town is named. When Big pointed at Chief Joseph, I told him that he was a Native American. Later, I realized that Big was calling him a "Little America"-- a hotel with a restaurant that Rophone's 102 year old grandma likes to take us to. Kinda funny. 

The funniest conversation occurred this morning as I emerged from the shower to find I had an audience. 

Bud: "I really like your boobs, Mom."

Me: "Um. Thanks."

Bud: "What's so cool is that your boobs and your bum are kinda the same!"

Me: "Um. Really?"

Bud: "Yeah! They both have cracks! The crack in your bum is kinda like the crack between your boobs!"

Me: "You're right, Bud. That is kinda cool." 

*(Note to self: Lock door to bathroom next time you shower)


Lisa Marie said...

The best part of the first story was your ending comment, "here's to hoping the neighbor boys think it's as cool." :) As for the final conversation between yourself and Bud... well, .... I just don't even know what to say to that, but I assure you, had milk been in my mouth at the time, it would have come out my nose.

Jen said...

Now that is the way to end a post! I'm thinking people who write such things on their blogs should not be giving other people a hard time about posting perfectly tasteful pictures of their half-naked husbands on facebook. I'm just sayin'.

The Laundry Queen said...

Jen-- I wasn't laughing at Ren being half naked, necessarily (I am quite glad he gave us a side view of the bike shorts, that's for sure, though). I was getting a kick out of the look on his face and the pose. He's in fine form for 40!

laura said...

That is the funniest thing! Thanks for the chuckle! :-)