Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Switch

At our house, we believe in a schedule. In fact, we live by it. I have found that I have to deal with far fewer tantrums when my children sleep, are fed at regular increments and feel secure in what is to come next. It's not to say that we do the exact same thing every day, but I almost think it makes things like surprise trips to the zoo a little easier to pull off because the kids are certain that some things (like being fed) will still occur. 

Anyway, I digress a bit. The point of mentioning our schedule is that the bedtime ritual is more or less always the same. The kids go to bed mostly without complaint, because they know how it's all done and that's just the way it is. Part of our bedtime ritual is that after family prayer, before getting in his own bed, Big helps tuck Bud in and then turns out Bud's light. This is where things can get a little dicey. Sometimes it can take quite a while to accomplish the task.

Here is a picture of Bud's switch plate:

Those of you who have been following the blog are aware that Big has a bit of a ball addiction, so, the fact that Bud's light switch is surrounded by balls.... well, it can make it a bit of an ordeal to get the light turned out. Here is an example of how it can go:

Me: "Turn the light out, Big"

Big: (as he points) "Backet-ball, base-a-ball, soccer ball..."

Me: "Yes, Big, just like last night-- now turn the light out."

Big: "... football, backet-ball, base-a-ball...."

Me: (a bit exasperatedly) "Yep! Just like every night we do this, Big. Turn the light out or I will!" 

Most nights, I can get Big to stop about here and he will turn the light out (you may have noticed that there is a hockey puck up in the left hand corner-- Big obviously isn't interested in hockey and ignores it completely). Other nights, it can go on and on like this:

Big: "soccerball, football, star, star, star..."

Me: (with resignation) "Please turn the light out, Big"

Big: ", star, star, star.." (yes, there are seven stars!)

I know he really doesn't want to go to bed if he gets to this:

Big: (still pointing as he goes) "... screw, screw.....WALL, more wall..."

I usually don't let it get this far, because when it is time for the kids to be in bed I am READY for them to be in bed. But, if we're actually a few minutes early I'll let him do it. It's kind of funny.... until it stops being funny. Then I'll put a stop to it. I mean, my alone time in the evenings is sacred. I'll only let him mess with it for so long.  


audiogeek1 said...

Big is awesome and so are you. I love you. Rophone

jwise said...

That is very cute. I mean, it's cute for ME to read since I don't have to have a list of balls recited to me nightly, but that's very cute. I like the "tuck in" tradition. :) Very sweet.

Anne Wehr said...

Jason and I are laughing very hard here..."star, star, screw, screw, wall, more wall" is my new mantra.

The Laundry Queen said...

Glad to give you a laugh. Tonight he skipped a few stars and made it to the screws...

Krista said...

VERY CUTE! My alone time at night is VERY sacred as well. I even want my big teenagers upstairs so I can relax. They seem to think I should be the one to go to my room. NOT, going to happen! I find they try to prolong going to their rooms as well. Although they don't stop to count stars (Hmmm, maybe that would help some of them improve their math scores) they do find little excuses along the way to draw it out.

ENJOY! The grow up way to quickly and then those cute moments are only fond memories.

Sassymama said...

Cute kid!

Jen said...

I love it (but that's because I'm not living least not that version.) =D