Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Escape

With how much I limit the amount of television my kids watch, I felt pretty secure in the fact that they would pretty much remain untouched by the whole Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Disney stuff. They might know about all of it, sure, and have some small exposure from outside sources, but knowing of something's existence and having an intimate knowledge of it are two completely different things.

I was foolish to think that my kids would remain unsullied by the Disney music empire. It wasn't Disney I underestimated, I underestimated Ginger and her knowledge of electronics. The girls have a boom box which they use to listen to CDs and the radio. It was all going along smashingly-- until Ginger discovered Radio Disney on 910 AM. Eeek.

Now all the kids sing Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus songs. Even the baby! It was this afternoon that I finally had to admit that I've lost the good fight. The realization occurred when I overheard Bud playing "church" this afternoon. He was pretending to be teaching a class and I heard him refer to "The Gospel of The Jonas Brothers". It made me laugh (but on the inside I was crying). My world will never be the same again.


Jen said...

I abhor Radio Disney for that very reason! When my twins were 4, Jonah's favorite song (that he sung at the top of his little lungs all the time) was "What a Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera. I think he even sang it at church. I'm sorry.

t0moo said...

On behalf of me and the rest of the consumer electronics industry, I apologize for being an "enabler" of the social/moral/spiritual corruption of your children.

Perhaps Mike should submit an apology on behalf of the audio recording industry...

The "Gospel according to the Jonas Brothers" - we can only hope that the Jonas Brothers get swallowed by a whale.

janeannechovy said...

Oh, dear, I share your horror. I keep trying to stop the boys from watching Drake & Josh and I Carly, which I think are on Nick. This morning the Wizard was watching Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. Oh sweet *&&#$% the inanity.