Thursday, March 26, 2009

Say Thank You, Mom

Being in a mental funk (see previous post) does not a pretty mommy make. No. Not pretty at all. As I burst into tears for the umpteenth time today, I grabbed Big and held him-- not for comfort, but to keep the troublemaker (yes, that's what he was today) from making more trouble for a moment. Just one moment! Is that too much to ask?! Today, apparently, it was.

Anyway, as I'm holding Big (all the while cursing that body busting workout I did this morning that is making my arms ache and quiver, and he's so darn heavy!) he begins to rub my back. Up and down, up and down. Then he says to me, "Say thank you." "What?!" I say. He replies, " I'm rubbing your back... say thanks." So, I said "thank you" and laughed a little. What else could I do?


Lisa Marie said...

Lol- sweet little Big :) Eli will often wait until I've finished a long monologue explaining how frustrated I am at the way they've all been behaving and/or the incredible mess they've created, then he'll come over, wrap his arms around me, and say, "I love you, Mom" It's hard to remain upset after that.

Babs said...

Small lessons from a "big" kid. That's a good thing to remember when we have melt-down days. It helps to say thank you for everything you do have. What a wise little guy.

The Laundry Queen said...

Yeah, it was just funny that Big was telling me to thank him, even though frustration with him (and a hormone or two) was the cause of my tears. It was like he was saying, "Say thanks to me for driving you crazy, Mom." ; )