Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny Day

My sister, Martha, brought her family for a visit for their spring break. It was nice to see them and get some outside time in the sun before the snow hit (note that we are wearing our shirtsleeves). I still can't believe that it was so sunny and warm and now I have 6 inches of snow in my yard.

Cindy Lou wasn't super excited to have her picture taken:

We love Ginger and her delightful personality:

It was really much too bright in the sun to be taking pictures, but we tried a few anyway. Here's Bud with his cousin The Wizard:

Newton was running around too much to get a satisfactory picture, but I had to prove he was there-- so here you go:

Pen, taking a few shots at the basket:

We really had a lot of fun, although Big had his moments of extreme sadness. He wanted help shooting in the hoop, but none of us there were tall enough to get the job done. It ended up that all he really wanted was to give it a try. After I helped him a few times he was happy to just shoot from ground level, practice dribbling, and get some assists (thank goodness).

It was really a very nice and relaxing day. Except for the end, that is. Trying to get Big to come inside to get ready to go was a bit of an ordeal. I had to relive that ordeal again last night, in fact. Apparently Big was having nightmares about being forced to come inside and was yelling in his sleep, "I don't want to come inside! Stay outside! I want to stay outside!" Not so pleasant to deal with the first time, and definitely not fun the second time when I would have rather been sleeping.... but, what could I do? I'll make up the sleep someday, right?

Thanks for coming, cousins!


janeannechovy said...

And thanks for coming down to play with us! It was great to be able to take advantage of the warm-ish day. I'll send you those last shots I took of the boys.

Lisa Marie said...

I love the one of Bud & Wizard and the one of poor Big crying. Rogue crys out in his sleep all the time, too. Mostly telling Elijah or Lexi to stop picking on him :( Poor guys have to relive their hardest times of the day even when they're sleeping.