Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rudolph's in the House

I am a firm believer that some children-- the head heavy ones in particular-- should not be allowed to run downhill on a hard surface (at least not until the head to body ratio shifts a little in the body's favor). If it's grass, or sand... sure! Let them give it a go. But just not on cement, asphalt, gravel, or the like, please. 

If you fail to heed my warning, your child may end up looking like this:

Cute, admittedly, but more than just a little like Rudolph. Rophone and the kids decided to walk home from church in the nice weather and I, by default, was elected to drive the car home. I saw what had occurred as I drove past them, so hurried and got my camera to capture the result of the head-lead fall. (After what happened to Big today, Rophone just may join with me in my no-hard-surface-hill-running beliefs.)

Here's an up-close shot-- see the forehead, nose AND upper lip wounds? Ouch!

I snapped a few shots later in the afternoon while Big and Rophone were playing ball. I found it humorous that Big kept getting bonked in the nose with the ball, but wasn't deterred from playing. I'm sure it really stung his nose, but Big just loves playing ball that much.

Rudolph never looked so cute! 


janeannechovy said...

The Wizard got a couple sets of those same owies on the sidewalk in front of our house when he was about Big's age. Dang big heads!

jwise said...

Oh yowch!! :( He looks like a boy, that's for sure!

pixie cut said...

I have school pictures from Kinder, 1st and 2nd grades with the very same wounds. Apparently my legs caught up with my face by the third grade.