Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Recital

A few weeks ago, Pen participated in her first ballet recital. It was absolutely fantastic! One of the founders of her ballet school writes a ballet every year for the kids to perform. Graduating seniors are given lead parts and they usually borrow a male dancer from the nearby university to dance the male lead.

The ballet they performed this year was titled "The Legend of the Rubies of Rosevaal". It was a full-fledged production, I tell you-- 2 hours long and probably close to 300 dancers (over the 2 performances-- the really young kids were split between the two so they only performed once).

I would tell you the entire ballet story, but it was quite involved. In short, a prince was getting married and the necklace he was to give his bride came up missing. The mischievous Pixies are suspected (but not guilty) and they indignantly vow to search far and wide until they find the necklace. At one point they searched among the birds for the necklace and Pen was one of the cardinals (the blue jays were the guilty parties, if you're wondering).

Here are some photos I took of Pen in her cardinal costume (I neglected to picture it, but her tutu had feathers all along the hem, too):

The ballet story was great and Pen did a fantastic job. Way to go, Pen!


jwise said...

Wow!! That is so exciting (and impressive). Sounds like a great time. I love watching my kids do stuff like that--so fun! It sounds amazing. The costume was impressive, too!

Lisa Marie said...

Gorgeous girl! I hope you're having that 3rd pic framed- stunning!! :)