Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trike Like

Over the past few weeks, Big has made a few (very short lived) attempts at riding his tricycle. He has had a little bit of trouble keeping his feet on the pedals long enough to facilitate forward motion. It usually didn't take him long to lose interest and be distracted by a neighbor's basketball hoop. Yesterday was a little different.

Big told me he wanted to try riding his trike, so I hauled it down to where the sidewalk starts so he could give it a go. Big climbed on and put his feet on the pedals where they belong-- a little more quickly and with more ease than usual, so I thought we might be in luck.

To my disappointment, Big got off again almost immediately and I was afraid it was another no go. I thought he'd tell me he was done and ask me to remove his helmet, but he began to walk his trike down the sidewalk instead.

When he got to the neighbor's driveway, Big proceeded to walk the trike out into the street. I was telling him the whole time not to go in the street, but he payed me no mind (as usual). I soon realized that the older kids were riding in the street and he just wanted to be like them. So, in hopes that being in the street might help the learning process along, I let him.

What do you know? He got right back on, and with a little help from Rophone, began to ride. Really ride.

Feet on the pedals...

...making forward progress!

Big was so proud of himself! Here is is looking to his dad for approval:

And then to his mom:

Good job, Big! Way to go!

He then got off and ran for the neighbor's basketball hoop. It was almost as though he felt that since he'd "mastered" the trike and it held no more mysteries for him... well, what's the point anymore? At least this ride lasted about 5 minutes instead of the typical 1 minute it usually does. Maybe once he discovers how fast he can go he'll decide the trike is worth more of his time. As it stands, I can say he's developed "Trike Like". Only time will tell if it develops into something more.


janeannechovy said...

Wow, that is impressive! Usually trike-riding is more of a 3-year-old skill.

Jen said...

Good job Big! Gideon has finally figured it out too, because he has to keep up with his two older brothers. They zoom down the street yelling, "Pedal Power!" to get him to go faster. Great photos too, especially the first shot of the foot and pedal.

jwise said...

Wow, good for him!! That's awesome. Love the great pictures you shot, too!

Lisa Marie said...

Way to go, Big!! Lexi is a trike lover, but is still struggling to keep that forward momentum after the first couple of rotations. I bet by the end of the summer, Big & Lex will be pros, cruising behind their moms, as they all bike around Minto Brown Park :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Biking around Minto Brown Park with the kids sounds like absolute heaven, Lima!