Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Restauranteur

Lately, Big has been enjoying playing "restaurant". I'm not sure how long his restaurant will stay in business, however, because he doesn't offer much of a varied menu.

This is an example of what it is like trying to order from Big:

Big: "What choo want?"

Me: "Umm. May I have lasagna?"

Big: "No, you can't."

Me: "I can't? Okay, how about enchiladas?"

Big: "No. You can't."

Me: "Okay. What can I have?"

Big: "Do you want lemonade?"

Me: "Sure." (slurps my pretend lemonade)

5 seconds later...

Big: "What choo want?"

Me: "How about scrambled eggs."

Big: "No. You can't have that. How about lemonade?"

Me: "Okay." (slurps pretend lemonade)

5 seconds later....

Big: "What choo want? Lemonade?"

Me: "Actually, I was thinking that some grapes sound good. Can I have that?"

Bud: "No. You can't. You can have lemonade."

Me: "I don't want more lemonade. Can I have orange juice?"

Big: (looks down as though checking inventory) "No. You can't. We don't have that. Want lemonade?"

Me: "I guess." (slurps pretend lemonade)

Like I said-- limited menu. But, the fact that his restaurant drives to you, rather than you having to drive to the restaurant might make people continue to patronize his business.

Here he is, taking Rophone's order for lemonade (and, yes, that's a numbered shirt he has on over his pjs-- he refuses to be without one):

Luckily, Bud often has his restaurant open at the same time as Big and he'll provide the food when Big refuses to do so. Big, as usual, provides the lemonade to go with it.

I know you're wondering why I don't just refer to Big's restaurant as a lemonade stand-- but, the fact is that Big's restaurant will occasionally serve food. Last night, as I was telling Rophone how hungry I was, and was informing the kids they'd better not mess with me in my current state, Big rolled up and filled my order for a quesadilla. And sometimes he doesn't serve lemonade at all and I'm repeatedly stuck with orange juice. I think it's more of an unwillingness to serve things, rather than an inability to do so.

But, Big is so cute, and his lemonade really is fabulous. So, just maybe he'll be a successful restauranteur after all.


jwise said...

That's SO HYSTERICAL!! I'm glad you wrote that down. That definitely needs to be remembered. My daughter did a similar thing once when she was about 2 or 3, but she would run and "get" (or "make") everything we ordered, pizza, milk, hamburgers, ANYTHING. Until we asked for some certain thing, and instead of running off to "make" it, she looked at her notepad and said, "Sorry, we're out of that." I laughed so hard I thought I was going to break a rib.

Jen said...


Lisa Marie said...

Great story, Rachael! I love the way you write your stories (any progress on that book of yours?). Let Big know that when you're here, I'll be a regular customer, taking all the lemonade I can get (although it would be convenient if he had expanded his business to include some yummy berries by then, too... chocolate couldn't hurt either).

PhatNat said...

He is cute! That is the first thing I look for in a restaurant-a cute owner!