Friday, May 15, 2009

Full of Hot Air

Yesterday, the three younger kids and I hung outside together (Pen, having just returned from ballet, opted to stay inside and read rather than having to change clothes in order to play for the few minutes we had before dinner). Big's bubble mower required a refill, so Rophone pulled out the huge tub of bubbles he had purchased for just that purpose. The kids then wanted to blow some bubbles, of course.

Bud and Ginger went first while Big occupied himself with his bubble mower. The two of them have prior bubble blowing experience, so their bubble blowing success was expected and received. Here are a few shots-- the light was terrible, so the pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea:

Next, it was Big's turn to blow some bubbles. Since he'd never done it before, I wasn't expecting much more than bubble solution soaked clothing, lots of grass in the tub of bubbles and, more than likely, a slightly upset Big tummy from ingesting more than his fair share of the stuff.

What I got instead was a Big (and pleasant) surprise! The kid went to town! He's really good. Really! Especially for his age. I shouldn't have been surprised, I guess. He blew out his candles on his birthday cake so fast that I missed the initial shots and we had to re-light them for another go. The kid has some serious wind power! But, then, we all knew that from what he was able to do with the big neighborhood pinwheel.

Here, he is blowing so hard you can see the spit fly from his mouth:

There was some occasional difficulty with wand placement..... he eventually just held the wand out at almost arm length to avoid a face full of bubbles. Amazingly enough, he was still able to blow bubbles at that distance. The kid's got serious wind power, I tell you!

Big blew and blew and blew and blew....

Getting him to come in for dinner was a little bit of a task, but luckily he likes washing his hands in the sink almost as much as blowing bubbles. It's fun to have the nice and not too hot weather to play outside in-- I'm just sad that it's coming to an end this weekend. But, that just means I get to work on my water photos, right?


jwise said...

Great pictures. The ones of Big are fun. I love his huge puffed-out cheeks getting ready to blow.

Lisa Marie said...

Awesome! Go Big! Love the second pic of Bud, and the one of Big with the wand far from his face, but still able to blow the bubbles- very imressive. maybe he really did make that pinwheel spin from across the street!

Jen said...

Big has amazing lips to go with that wind power. =)