Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Big

I left the kids to their own devices while I stepped out for a few minutes yesterday. It was an experiment. A trial run. I've been doing that a bit lately-- quick runs to buy milk or go to the pharmacy at the bottom of the hill. It's looking good so far. Rophone and I might even be able to go on a quick daytime date one of these days!

Anyway, when I got back home it was to find the kids chatting and laughing together while they played games and ate a snack. No blood. No tears. It was like they were a bunch of mini-adults enjoying a game night. Quite fitting if you know my kids-- in their minds they are adults.

As was illustrated by the conversation I had with Big after I thanked the girls for baby sitting.

Big (looking shocked): "Wait... I was baby sat?"

Me: "Yeah. The girls were baby sitting while I was gone."

Big (looking at me as though I was obviously mistaken): "Baby sitting. Baby sitting me?"

Me: "Yup. Baby sitting you."

A minute or so passed with Big looking speechless and a bit disgruntled. Then, 

Big: "Mom. (He said my name so patiently and patronizingly, as though I clearly don't get it.) I wasn't being baby sat. I was baby sitting myself!" 

It reminds me of when Pen was about his age and I had to go somewhere, leaving her and Ginger with Rophone for a bit. Pen, clearly not realizing that Rophone was home, started reassuring me that she would take great care of her sister while I was gone. That she would be a great baby sitter. As though it was totally normal for me to leave a 3 year old in charge. Not surprisingly, she was quite disappointed to learn that she wasn't actually going to be baby sitting.

Yep. A bunch of mini-adults. 

(Just in case you're wondering... no, they don't always respond to being parented very well. They are my equals, you see.) 

The kids are most certain that they are pretty much always right. Take this morning for instance-- I was getting Big dressed when he started to sing his favorite song, 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz--

Big: "...look into your heart and you'll find glove, glove, glove.."

Me: "Are you sure it's glove? Do you think he might be singing about love, not gloves?"

Big (hums the tune, obviously singing the words in his head): "Nope. It's glove."

No arguing with that kind of certainty. 

Before putting the boys to bed tonight we knelt down for family prayer. As the prayer was being said, Big suddenly announced,

"I'm going into pigeon mode!"

Now I'm just confused. I don't know any other adult, mini or otherwise, who would say a thing like that. 


carmar76 said...

Raccoon! I'm going into raccoon mode! Muhahahaha!

I love the conversations your kids get you into. : )

Pete Pages said...

First, no diapers and now no outside babysitter?! You've got it made!

The Laundry Queen said...

It's looking good, T. Although, the fact that Pen won't help Big with his pants when he has to go to the bathroom makes it a bit tough-- I just have to make sure Big goes before I leave.

SassyMama said...

Hahahaha. I love your conversations with Big, they always make me snicker:)

patti's place said...

I think you can always be entertained...just have conversations with your children. Love your blog.

jaydubdub said...

Your kids are funny, but I know what you mean about trying to parent "mini-adults." I have two of those, and it's pretty hard. I love their conversations, though. Our rules when we leave (since we can't just leave the oldest in charge--the middle is much more responsible and helpful) are: Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and no blood.