Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hit and Run

This post really should have been before the last few posts, I suppose, but it isn't. So sue me. 

Well, please don't really sue me. I don't think I could take the stress. Thanks.

Mother's Day was truly enjoyable. Last year I did a lot of work on Mother's Day because it was Big's birthday and the year before that we were sick and I think Rophone worked... anyway, this year was just nice and low key. I relaxed. It was heavenly.

We just really enjoyed being together as a family. Well, except for the hit and run.*

Rophone and Big were playing basketball...

Bud was helping Big practice putting up three fingers for his birthday the next day...

The girls decided to play frisbee with a paper plate...

..with Ginger not realizing that she looked just as funny as Pen. (Oh, there were tons of embarrassing looking photos I could have published, but didn't. They'll thank me later.)

It was when the girls started messing about on the lawn that things started to go south...

I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pre-meditated act. 

Perhaps past unkind treatment by his sister just made something click in Bud's brain, but he definitely has determination in his eyes (and slight glee on his face) as he bears down on his goal...

The alleged culprit.

Okay, so maybe not so alleged since I have pictures of him in the act. Perhaps they'll go easy on him once they take a look at those big brown eyes. He should probably plead temporary insanity just to be safe, though, because he may have a tough time looking remorseful. I think he enjoyed every second of it. 

The harshness of his punishment will probably depend on how much damage he caused.

She looks fine enough. 

Okay, maybe not...

Just kidding. Pen's fine. And smiling. That isn't something that happens every day. 

It was truly an awesome day, and although wearing each other's shoes for the day sometimes felt like they were on the wrong feet, I could definitely get used to it.

Like some other people.

*Okay, to be truthful, it was really such a small blip on the radar that no one even got mad when it happened. I mean, that's how perfect of a day it was-- the kids just continued to play, delightfully, as if one had not just run down another with a motorcycle. This was one hit and run that didn't even make a dent. Fabulous!


SassyMama said...

Fabulous, indeed!

Glad it didn't cause a fight, and the pictures are great! I'm thinking the embarrassing pictures you didn't post should be kept in a locked cabinet... to be held over the girls' heads:)

jaydubdub said...

Cute post. What a great day. Love the pictures, especially of Pen, but I think my favorite is Big (by himself) trying so hard to get 3 fingers up. It's like, "What is WRONG with that hand??" So cute.

patti's place said...

Your blog and pictures were great as usual. We're glad to have a peek into the lives of some mighty cute grandchildren. Thanks!