Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who's Three?

Big's three! Since he was absolutely positive that turning 3 meant he'd be getting a real 4-wheel-drive truck, and I was absolutely positive that it wasn't going to happen, I did my best to satisfy his desire with a cake. 

It was supposed to be fabulous. But then, in trying to avoid the grout lines of the tile countertop, I made the mistake of rolling the fondant out on a big wooden cutting board. The wood sucked the fondant totally dry. Bah. Not easy to work with, but I did my best and ended up with this. 

Luckily a 3-year-old doesn't notice cracks and rough edges. 

But, before we put the cake out of its misery we had to open gifts. Big whipped his way through them, trying to get to the big one he had his eye on. I used food boxes to contain some of the presents, and it was funny that Big seemed just as satisfied with the idea that he'd received a box of Ritz Bits as he was with the shirts he eventually discovered the box contained. It was obvious that neither was what he wanted. 

Ahhh... the BIG one...

Now, on to the cake. 

Then his dad stood him up for a better angle and he blew the candles out so fast that I missed the shot. And the pictures were all blurry. But I'm posting them anyway.

And then the dismantling began. 

Happy Birthday, Big! You're so smart and funny, our lives just wouldn't be the same without you. We love you!


jwise said...

You are the Fondant Queen, I swear. It's amazing. The cake is just amazing. WOW!!! I know what you mean about being disappointed because it doesn't look the way you had it in your head (that happens to me pretty much every time), but that is an awesome cake!! Funny about the presents (Ritz bits). Maybe he just knows a 4-wheel drive truck couldn't possibly fit in a Ritz bits box. Great pictures, as always. What a fun birthday. :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks, jwise! You wouldn't believe what a hard time I had with the stiff, dried out fondant! It made a chunk of the truck bed fall off, but luckily I had part of a loaf of banana bread on the counter to act as a stand in! It actually worked better because it was more dense. I'm just glad it's over! ; )

patti's place said...

You are so imaginative with the cakes. It's fun to see what you come up with each birthday...better than the last. I'm sure he enjoyed his birthday...but still years for his 4 wheel truck.