Saturday, May 1, 2010

Delusions of Age-Grandeur

Big was the first one awake this morning and he hopped into bed with me and Rophone for a snuggle. I overheard the two of them having this funny conversation--

Rophone: "Big, did you know that in just 9 days you'll be three?"

Big: "Yeah. But I still need an adult with me when I drive, right?"

It totally cracked me up. Big is completely convinced that he's going to get a 4-wheel drive truck for his birthday. A real one. He also seems to believe that he'll be allowed to drive it, albeit with an adult along for the ride. I have told him repeatedly that he isn't getting a truck and that even if he did, he won't be old enough to get his permit until he's 15.

Clearly, he in no way feels that those rules apply to him. I can tell by the way our conversations go when discussing this subject that he doesn't believe that any of what we're talking about really refers to him. Even though he knows what his age is number-wise, it obviously doesn't match up with how he feels maturity-wise-- therefore, he thinks that in his case the rules don't apply.

He's just like his sister, Pen, suffering from delusions of age-grandeur.

When she was 3, Pen was accepted into a fine arts preschool. She began to act kind of weird about it, so I started to question her about what was wrong--

Me: "I'm so excited you got into the preschool, Pen! Aren't you excited?"

Pen: "Yeah. Kinda."

Me: "What's wrong? You seem really nervous."

Pen (clearly feeling some distress) : "Well... I just don't know what I'm going to teach the children!" 

I about died laughing inside. Suddenly all of my interactions and conversations with her made sense. It all clicked. She didn't realize that she was a kid. She thought she was one of us. An adult.

I'll never forget the doubt and confusion on her face when I explained to her that she was one of the children-- that she was one of the students to be taught. It was obvious she thought I was mistaken. To this day I can tell she is just playing the role that has been assigned to her, but clearly feels doesn't fit.

It can be difficult to lay down the law with children who think of themselves as my equal. But, when it comes to Big driving when he turns 3, I'll have to stick to my guns. So, if you see him tooling down the road in a new truck, just know that it wasn't me who gave in. 

That would be the adult in the passenger seat. 


SassyMama said...

I love Big! He is too funny:)

jwise said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!! I love it!! SO funny!

carmar76 said...

oh my heck, that is precious! those are two example of kids feeling grown up in a good way. or, at least in an amusing way! : )

patti's place said...

It's going to be something amazing to watch as he ages. Happy Birthday soon.