Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites

Thinking.... thinking.... okay, just a minute....

1. Pen went to camp for the first half of this week and had a blast. The camp they normally go to is still under 25 feet of snow, or something like that, so they went to an alternate location for only half the time. She had a great time, though, and can't wait until next year. And, I must admit, the lack of her pre-teen attitude for a few days was a nice change. Plus, she came back vowing to have a better attitude! Win-win! (I love you, Pen! I'm glad you had a good time.)

2. Bud got his new brace this week. It appears to be holding his spine straight, so we're glad for that. He got it in a cool camouflage print this time around. (And I love that he narrowed it down to a pink plaid and camo before he finally made his choice.)

3. I finally signed Big up for preschool this week. I was getting worried that I hadn't signed him up anywhere, and was hopeful that I could find something that would fit his personality with spots still available. I heard about a school through the grapevine that I think will be perfect-- it is taught by a woman in her home, but it seems to be a close match to the school I originally hoped Big would be able to attend. 

4. Can I just say that I'm in love with Edith's Bumbo seat? We didn't purchase it this week, but I just think it's fabulous. Where in the heck was it when all of my other kids were babies??

5. I am still so thankful to have Ginger around. She is a great playmate/babysitter for the boys. I don't know what I would do without her.

6. I love being married to a baby whisperer. Not only did he just get Edith to sleep, but he cleans, too. Rophone was instrumental in getting the house shaped up last weekend. What a lucky girl am I. 

I'm sure I'll think of more things after I publish this, like I always do, but I'm going to push the button anyway. 


carmar76 said...

Sounds like a blessed week indeed!! Those are my favorite! :)

jww said...

Very, very good!!! Makes me smile.