Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Others

You wouldn't be able to tell from my photos on here as of late, but there really are others in my family besides Edith. Edith, of course, has no choice but to sit in one place while I take shots, but the rest of the family runs away, still seeming to be scarred from my prolific camera usage during The Challenge

As luck would have it, my older sister gave me a photo reflector kit for my teeny, rather insignificant, birthday that is coming up and the family agreed to help me give it a whirl. It worked great. Well, great-er sometimes than others, all depending on who was holding it for me (as you will see by looking at the photos). I even got the camera-shy Rophone to pose for a few shots. Amazing.

At first, Big wasn't too thrilled with the idea...

...but then he warmed up a little (note that I didn't say a lot).

Bud was a little more eager to please. (Maybe 'eager' is an understatement..)

But even he had his serious doubts about it all. 

He got over it, though.

Ginger did a good job and was quite pleasant about the whole thing.

Pen, of course, posed with a pre-teen twist.

It just can't be done without a few long-suffering looks and an eye roll.

All in good fun this time, thank goodness.

I'm just so happy that Rophone posed for me.

And now he has the perfect headshot for when he goes on auditions.


I love you family! Thanks for helping me try out my new toy! And thanks for the new toy, sis!


janeannechovy said...

You're welcome!

carmar76 said...

awesome! your family is so cute/handsome/pretty.

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks, carmar!

jww said...

Oooooo, great pictures! (and I know what you're alluding to with that "insignificant" birthday... Just a few months to mine.)

SassyMama said...

Nice pics!
Envious of the reflector kit... will be wanting to hear how you like it and will be picking your brain with tips if I ever get my hands on one of my own.