Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Graduate

This post is, admittedly, very late. Bud graduated from kindergarten more than a month ago, and I am just now posting about it. It doesn't help that I forgot my camera and had to make do with my mom's (thanks, Mom!). Clearly, one of us is a better mom/grandma than the other. 

The kindergarteners had prepared a little program for all of us in attendance. It included square dancing. (And, yes, the girl next to Bud is gargantuan.)

Here, he is flanked by two gargantuan girls. Please don't squash my skinny little boy.

Then each kindergartener took turns finishing the sentence, "Before I came to kindergarten I didn't know _________, but now I do." Most kids said, "how to read" or "how to write my name" and stuff like that. There were a lot of repeats. Until it got to Bud, that is. 

Bud said, "Before I came to kindergarten I didn't know what an onomatopoeia was, but now I do." A lot of the adults in the audience said, "A what?". Way to go, Bud.

They finished off the lovely program with some cute little songs. Fantastic. Bud can't wait to go to school for the whole day next year and is anxious to get his lunchbox picked out. I told him it isn't a decision to be rushed into and that we have plenty of time. I'll let you know what we get next week. 

Happy graduation, Bud! Welcome to the big time.


carmar76 said...

I love that you are raising such smart children! (Well, duh, I'm sure you love that, too. LOL)

jww said...

Okay, that is the best thing ever. Gotta love Bud. I would have been SO proud!! :) He is the best.