Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Favorites: Almost Christmas

I just realized it's Friday. Ack! So much went on this week, I'm having trouble keeping it all straight in my brain.

1. Rophone and I managed to steal away for lunch on Saturday. Then we went back home and picked up Edith to run errands with us. It was nice.

2. On Sunday we had my folks over and we taught them to make snowflakes, had some nummy corn chowder with chilies for dinner, and managed to play games for a bit. We had a good time and my parents were able to take home a bunch of snowflakes to put on their window. Edith said 'Grandpa' a few times again while they were here and gave some fantastic hugs. She really liked having company.

3. I got home from taking Pen to ballet on Tuesday to find Rophone helping the kids to clean the basement. Awesome. I'll totally take it (thanks, Honey).

4. Rophone got to help out with Bud's class Christmas party on Wednesday. Bud was so happy to have his dad there to help. Rophone had a great time, too.

5. Wednesday was early out for the kids and marked the beginning of Christmas break. I'm so glad to have time to do things as a family and to have a break from the morning routine. Especially that. 

6. Thursday, Rophone, Edith, and I took Bud to see his back specialist. He says Bud's spine is doing pretty well and that the brace is doing what it's supposed to do. That's always nice to hear. If things continue on how they are, it looks like Bud might get to have the summer off from wearing a brace. He'd like that. 

7. While we were in the 'big city' with Bud we took him to lunch (where Edith made her first boyfriend-- a sparkly-eyed gentleman who couldn't resist her smile) and just enjoyed spending time with him. We ran a few errands while we were out, too. 

8. The best thing about Thursday, though, is that Rophone and I got to be together for the whole day and it was our 17th anniversary! It's not very often that we manage to spend so much of it together. We even managed to go to one of our favorite spots for dinner. Mmmm... gnocchi. 

9. I am happy to be married to a man who loves me and still finds me fascinating and special after 17 years. 

10. Rophone started off the day by vacuuming the living room and family room. Thanks for  keeping us on track to have a clean house for Santa, Rophone!

11. I made some magnets with the kids today. They turned out super cute and it was fun to do something together. 

12. I also made the traditional bran muffin batter today. I can't wait until Christmas morning to indulge. They are sooo good. Seriously.

13. For dinner tonight, I finally got around to making Rophone the minestrone soup he requested. He loved it. I really enjoy doing things to make my husband happy. 

14. We went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. One of the houses had a lighted farting Santa on their lawn. The bent over Santa's index finger was extended and when the lights on his finger went out a green puff appeared behind his butt. It was so awesomely crude it made our night. I really wonder where they got it. 

15. I got to spend the whole day with Rophone and the kids again today and Rophone doesn't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Wahoo! 

Merry Christmas!


patti's place said...

What a great week! See you soon!

carmar76 said...

terrific!! so glad you got to be together for your anniversary & that bud's back is doing well!! :)

also...farting santa... oh my! LOL

mk said...

I love that you do Friday Favorites. I need to get with it. And can you send me something on how to make those magnets??! I'm in love with them and need a crafty project for January. :)

jww said...

Great list. Cute magnets, too!! And happy anniversary. I love that Rophone is so perfect for you.