Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites!

I don't know why I'm always so surprised when Friday comes around again.

1. Christmas was last weekend. We had a blast. I already posted about it, luckily, so I don't have to get long winded about it now.

2. On Monday, Rophone took Pen to the airport for her very first solo trip. My sister, Aunt Martha, flew Pen to her neck of the woods for a parents-free adventure. I'm just so happy for Pen that she gets to have this experience. Thanks Martha and Plumbean!

3. Edith turned 10 months old this week. She'll be asking for the keys before we know it.

4. I forgot to mention this when it happened a few weeks ago, but Pen has passed me up in height. I'm just shy of 5'7", so that makes Pen a pretty tall recently turned 13 year old. I'm super excited about it. I always wanted to be taller, so I think it's great that I'll have at least one statuesque daughter. Plus, she really needs to catch up to her feet! Ginger could be tall, too, though. Her feet just hit the size 9 mark (bigger than mine were before pregnancy). I love tall daughters!

5. Bud got some fun games for Christmas from Santa-- remember his list? We have been having fun playing them this week. I love that my kids are old enough and smart enough to play a variety of games. It's fun!

6. Rophone's youngest brother got married this week, so we got to see a bunch of Rophone's family and celebrate. It was great.

7. I love the extra time I get to see my handsome hubby over the holidays. We really dig each other. He thinks I'm hot and I like that. 

8. We already returned/exchanged all of the items people received for Christmas that didn't fit. I feel so good about it. Seriously. We usually wait for waaay too long just because we hate the crowds. It just feels nice to know we don't have to worry about those things anymore. Aaaaah.

9. I bought some new socks today. It's so exciting, really! I have only 5 pairs left that haven't been appropriated by my daughters-- it makes it hard to work out and still have socks to wear. I can't wait to start exercising with socks!

10. We ate the nummiest garden burgers this week, grilled to perfection by Rophone. Now I'm craving another one. 

Wow. Another week in the can!


Rophone said...

You are a hot wife.

Sue said...

I loved this list!

patti's place said...

Ditto! Especially the tall daughter part. Glad you had a good's back to busyness as usual in just a few more days!

jww said...

Nice!! I, too, have a really tall daughter, and it's nice. (And I'm *just shy* of 5'7" myself!) Great list. I hope Pen has fun on her adventure.