Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

Only one more friday before Christmas. How did that happen??

1. We had a great and productive Saturday afternoon. The girls and I went to a bridal shower (a first for the girls) while the boys shopped for presents for their sisters. After the shower we got more errands taken care of as a family. It was a lot of fun to be out and about together, although too many other people had the same idea. 

2. Also on Saturday, Edith finally started to crawl. Up until then, she would crawl one or two little shuffles before flopping onto her stomach. She's a bit cautious, that girl. We're happy she finally got over her trepidation and went for it.

3. Ginger started off the basketball season on Monday with her first practice. She has been so excited to play this year. Rophone took the boys along to watch and shoot baskets on the other side of the gym. They all had a good time. Being active seems to make everyone happy.

4. My sister (a better seamstress than I) whipped out Edith's stocking this week and it's super cute. Now we're ready for Santa!

5. I got a chance to see both Bud and Ginger perform in their Christmas programs this week. I was impressed with the choreography the first graders performed along with their songs, and loved that the fifth graders signed their first song as they sang. It made it a little difficult to get in-focus pictures in the low light, but it sure was fun to watch. I think I could pretty much watch my kids sing all day long. 

6. Pen was selected to represent her school at the state level in an English competition. She is one of 5 students from her school that will compete. Way to go, Pen!

7. My brother was in town for business the other day, so we spent a few hours together one morning and he took us to lunch. It was great to see him. And I'm glad he could stick around for a bit so Big didn't have to skip school to be able to see him. 

8. After having my plans be thwarted for several days, I was finally able to get some laundry done today. I know this doesn't seem like something to be included on a favorites list, necessarily, but I only have 4 pairs of socks that haven't been claimed by my daughters. My cold feet will be so glad to be dressed again tomorrow.

9. I have a fantastic husband who works very hard for our family. I love him.

10. Big is in bed. My mind really needed the rest. 

Looks like another busy weekend is ahead. I'm pretty sure that's my life now, what with 5 kids and all. I better go gear up for it.


patti's place said...

Another great week and it was fun to watch the kids perform.

John R said...

Glad you are close and we can participate.

carmar76 said...

awesome week! way to go, pen!

jww said...

Awesome. Impressed with the pictures, as usual. All mine that are performances and "low light" are... well, black. Tell Pen WTG!