Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Male Horse

I had a frustrating, but oh so funny conversation with Big today as he was playing with some toy horses.

Big: "What's a male horse called?"

Me: "A stallion."

Big: "Okay. The astallion runs after the mare..."

Me: "No. It's not 'astallion', I'm saying that it's a (pause) stallion. There's a space between 'a'  and 'stallion'. It's not one word."

Big: "Oh, okay. The a (pause) stallion runs after the mare..."

Me: "No, no. I'm just saying it's AY stallion. The male horse is AY stallion!"

Big: "The aystallion runs after the mare..."

Me: "Oh, my gosh! A male horse is the stallion, Big. You're saying it wrong."

Big: "I am? It's thestallion?"

Me: "Aaaagh! Stallion. Stallion!!! Stallion is what we call a male horse! Not 'astallion' or 'aystallion' or 'thestallion'! Just STALLION!

Big: "Justallion?"

Seriously. My brain hurts.


carmar76 said...

craaaack me up! : )

sorry your brain hurts, tho. good luck w/ tomorrow, when he asks what a male deer is called...

patti's place said...

He certainly is entertaining, but a little frustrating. I think I've been there with a kid or two.

jww said...

LOL. He thinks too much. So funny. Reminds me of Ethan a little--he used to call an adult "a dolt." It got pretty funny sometimes. "She's not my age. She's a dolt." "All the kids sat at one table, and all the dolts sat at the other."

The Laundry Queen said...

'A dolt'! So funny, jww!

SassyMama said...

Hwah, hwah.
I needed a little Big this morning:)