Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What They Want

It's that time of year again. Yup. Time for my annual posting of the kids' Christmas wish lists. Ginger, Bud, and Big made their lists in early November and then added on a few things just last night. Pen was finally convinced to write hers up just a few days ago.

Okay, we'll start with Big's list. All I can say about his is, Bruder obsession much? For those of you who don't know what Bruder is, check it out and you'll see why he's a bit taken with the stuff.

Bud was very careful with his list not to seem overly greedy. Especially by asking for board games to share on number seven. Okay, maybe I'll concede that asking for '1,099 shirts/pants' for number eight is a little on the greedy side. Can you say clothes horse?

Ginger's list is incredibly long, but to be fair, it's just a bunch of art supplies listed individually. It's best to be specific, don't you know. Getting the wrong art supplies can be a big bummer when you have certain projects in mind. I think my favorite thing on Ginger's list is one of the items she added last night: 30. FRESH mozzarella cheese. Now we're talkin'. 

Pen finally deigned to write up her list, letting us know that she really doesn't care if she gets anything or not. I think it's just Pen's way of protecting herself if she really doesn't get much. She knows money is tight and doesn't want to be disappointed. Bud, however, took her at her word and added a number 7 to her list after she stuck it to the fridge. What a helper.

Pen was able to cross the calculator off of her list and Ginger the mechanical pencils because we managed to pick those up already. How sad is it that such necessities make it on a Christmas list? Santa's sleigh shouldn't be weighed down by such things, so we took care of it. What generous parents we are. 

I hope the kids manage to get at least one thing off of their lists. It will make them happy. I can't wait to see what Santa brings!


Laura said...

Cute lists. They'll love to look back at these one day. :-)

carmar76 said...

oh my goodness, i love these lists. especially all the art supplies (googly eyes!) and cheese, of course. i wasn't aware we could ask santa for cheese, idk why i didn't think of it, but thanks to your daughter for opening my eyes! : )

also, thanks to big, i think i'm just going to randomly insert the word Tiger into things. kinda like "winning"...


: )

patti's place said...

Good luck with the lists!Santa Claus will be busy!

jww said...

Fun lists. I had never heard of Bruder. We could just call it "Big Heaven" for short. I love his list of animals, too--does that mean he wants a real tiger and/or a real whale?! I loved Bud's #5 because he specified that he wanted "(good)" books as opposed to bad ones, in case you weren't sure. Ginger's list could very well be Belinda's list, and that is the funnest kind of thing to shop for!! Just dump art supplies in a shopping cart. Awesome. I also love the FRESH mozzarella cheese and the Nutella. Pen's list is mature. :) I do like Bud's addition to it, though. Very fun.