Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week went by quickly and seemed to crawl at the same time. Seems to be how time is going for me these days.

1. Edith turned 9 months old on Sunday! A big enough occasion for its own post, to be sure. 

2. I made a curried butternut squash soup this week. Rophone let me know the next night (after he couldn't stop thinking about it, I guess) that it was the best soup I've ever made since we've been married, even though I didn't use a recipe. He waxed poetic about it for, like, 20 minutes. He never does that. So, I guess it must have really tickled his taste buds. Then Ginger came in and asked when I was going to make it again. I guess she couldn't stop thinking about it either. I love making food that makes my family happy. I hope I can remember well enough what I did in making the soup to be able duplicate it in the future.

3. On Tuesday, when we were listening to music as a family, Edith busted out and did "The Sprinkler" dance move. Twice! Something I never thought a 9 month old would do. I guess she really was watching her sisters as they danced around on Sunday.

4. We all went to the dentist this week. I love the feeling of clean teeth. I also love that we go to such a great dentist that the kids are eager to go. I never would have imagined that my kids would be sad about having to wait so long to go to the dentist, but I'll take it. 

5. I attended Ginger's DARE graduation yesterday. She made a pledge and I expect her to stick to it. She really enjoyed the program.

6. Big has been reading to me this week. It's fantastic.

7. Edith had her 9 month appointment today. She has really slowed down in her growth (probably due to the fact she's not super hip on food), but isn't wasting away or anything. She's looking great overall and the doc gave her two thumbs up. Always good to hear.

I think that's it. Any complaints can be referred to my customer service department. Ha! Like there is one, or something.


patti's place said...

Always enjoy catching up with the fam. Curious about the Dare pledge and if I'd know the 4 year old was reading I would have had him read to me. Next time!

jww said...

Lovely! Great week. Makes me want to taste your butternut squash soup!