Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites: Meh

I know I should feel better about this week than I do, considering how much I got accomplished, and all. But I think the fact that no matter how much I get done there is still a ton to do makes me feel kind of 'meh'. Actually, I'm pretty certain that if I weren't so darn tired, everything about my week would seem more fantastic. It's amazing how exhaustion can make even rosy things appear more of a rosy-gray. 

I really did get a lot done. And some good things happened. I'm just not seeing the bling or or feeling the bah-dah-bing that I should about it all. Time for a slap upside the head to wake me up. Or maybe just some hot cocoa to perk me up momentarily while I type. Clearly, I should have had some protein with my lunch for energy maintenance. I'll try one or all of these things and be back. I can't disappoint my readers that one guy in California who reads my blog.

Several hours later...

Okay, after some cheese and crackers and a long walk/bike ride with the family in the cool, fresh-ish air, I feel like a new woman! Or a refurbished version, anyway. Let's give this another go.

1. Ginger scored a buzzer beater at the end of her basketball game on Saturday! It wasn't a game winning shot or anything, but it's still fun to make a basket right as the buzzer goes off. She was thrilled. And I, of course, love it when my kids are thrilled.

2. We finally got the kids' rooms switched around. It was a lot of work, but we did it. Pen isn't thrilled to be sharing a room again, but this isn't her Friday Favorites, it's mine, and I am absolutely over the moon that Edith is in her own room and Rophone and I have ours back. The past few nights I have only gotten up with Edith once-- much better than the 4-6 times I was doing when she could see that I was in the room with her. I was a little nervous about putting the boys in the basement, but I'm quickly getting over it. The fact that they love their new room helps. 

3. It seems that cleaning and organizing the kids' rooms has led to the cleaning and organization of the whole house. Funny how that happens. I'm not done yet, but I've made a good start. 

4. Edith's top right tooth popped through (finally!) after months of it bothering her. The left one is close, too (not to mention all the other teeth), so we have more struggles ahead of us, but I'm taking the small victory of the right one in the meantime. 

5. Pen was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this week. (She could have been in it last year, I guess, had she received the application form earlier than the day it was due.) Anyway, we're proud of her.

6. Remember that long walk/bike ride I mentioned above? It deserves to be on the list, most certainly. It was lovely. Especially because Big overcame his fear of the balance bike. By dinnertime he was taking it cross country in the backyard. Fantastic.

7. Oh, and the Jarlsberg I ate? It's on the list, too. Num.

8. And, heavens, now it looks like I'm going on a date with my husband. That deserves to be on the list, highlighted in neon, with stars and smiley faces. No reason to dawdle. Bye!


John R said...

Not to mention feeding your parents dinner 3 times along with the crowd. You are a great cook, even with the simple stuff. When you do it it is not simple or ordinary, thanks.

patti's place said...

Your week was a good one and so was ours. Thanks for your help making it so!

The Laundry Queen said...

What a nice thing to say, Dad. And, you're welcome, Mom.

jww said...

Congrats to Pen on the Jr. NHS! Very cool! My "meh" feelings keep me from having Friday Favorites on my blog. :) But I'm glad you overcame yours with a bike ride and some cheese. :) Great list once again. I bet the room switch (i.e. more sleep) will help with the "meh", too. I'm personally not a very nice person without sleep.