Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tiger Baby

Edith has inherited a love of big cats from her brother, Big. Whenever she sees a lion or a tiger (or even a leopard or jaguar), or hears someone say the words 'lion' or 'tiger', she starts to growl. The other day when I was taking her to go down for a nap we had this little 'conversation': 

Edith: (yawn)
Me: "What a tired baby you are!"
Edith: "Grrrrr!"
Me (with realization): "Oh! Mommy said 'tired baby' not 'tiger baby'. Edith isn't a tiger."

Edith then looked at me disappointedly. She was totally bummed.

Me (feeling guilty): "Really good pretending, though!"

It's true. Edith is a good pretender. I love to watch her play patty cake with her baby doll, pretend to feed her daddy out of her shoe, and drive a car across the floor, making vehicle noises as she goes. It's funny how, even though she's the 5th kid, watching Edith figure out the world around her and how it all works just doesn't get old.

It's fun to watch her discover things and find things she adores. Just this morning, Edith was hugging Mrs. Potato Head's teeny, plastic purses to her chest (so in love!) and then tried to figure out how to hook them over her shoulder to carry them around. She would set them on her shoulder, only to have them slide off and onto the ground. Over and over again before she gave up. So cute to watch.

Anyway, tonight I realized something-- if Big can have 30+ personalities/animals that he pretends to be, Edith most certainly can be a tiger baby! I'm going to tell her first thing in the morning. She'll be the cutest tiger baby around.

For photos of a very tired tiger baby, see below:


carmar76 said...

love it! perhaps you can find a good tiger costume for dress up? then she could really be a tiger baby!! : D

you are spot on, too, about watching them learn never getting old. : )

jww said...

SO, SO, SO, SO CUTE!!!! I love the pictures of her, and your descriptions make it feel like I'm there. I can just see her disappointment as those little purses fall off her shoulder.

The Laundry Queen said...

When I told her this morning that she can be a tiger baby, she growled happily and pretended to be a tiger with Big for a while. Adorable, I must say.