Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thirteen Months with Edith

Earlier this week (on the 27th) Edith hit the 13 month milestone. She's ancient! Well, relatively so. There are so many things swirling through my head that she's done over the past month that I'm not even sure where to start. Edith continues to be the bossiest boss of everyone and tells me what to do or what to give her with absolute authority. It's just too bad she's still kinda hard to understand. 

Even though we can't understand much of what Edith says (to her frustration) she has added a bunch more words to her vocabulary. I don't even try to count how many words she can say, but it's a lot. Not in adult-speak terms, of course, but in baby-speak terms. Here's a list of a few: this, that, no, yes, those, baby, bread, light, nose, eye, mouth, cheek, brow, ball, dine (for dinosaur), done, elephant, more, go, book, touch, kick, pass, apple, up, down, bed, cheese, bath, space!... there are a lot more. She also says a bunch of little sentences, like, 'I want it!' and  'More glass!" Hmmm... now that I think of it, all of her little sentences are demands. I told you she was bossy.

Edith doesn't get to escape the gated in kitchen/family room very often; it's just too hard to keep an eye on her around the spiral staircase and still get things done. Occasionally, though, we let her make a supervised escape so she can explore. She loves it. Probably like a prisoner loves taking the first steps outside after their incarceration is complete. But, just like most prisoners, Edith keeps landing back in the clink. Poor girl. 

On her 13 month birthday, I let Edith "escape" for a little celebration present. She was ecstatic! The only problem was that I needed her to hold semi-still for a moment while I took a few pictures. When I let Edith know what I needed her to do she didn't take it very well. 

Once I explained to Edith that she could play in the living room bay window as I photographed her, she felt much better about the whole thing. She loves how the bay is raised up a little so she's elevated more than usual. Plus, being able to look down on the world below is pretty entertaining, too.

And the best part for me, when it comes to taking pictures, is that Edith hasn't figured out how to get down yet. She will soon, I mean she's only been up in the window a few times so far, but until she does she's kind of stuck. 

"Heh. This is kinda high up."

"Let me take another look see."

"Ummm... seriously, how am I supposed to get down?"

Well, Edith listen up and I'll tell you...

You want to turn around and get on your belly and scooch off feet first...

...or, I guess that you could just dive off head first. That works, too, I suppose. 

Aaaaannnndd....SHE'S OFF!

Edith then spent the rest of her time in the 'outside world' crawling around as fast as she could, investigating all there was to see. You should have heard how heavily she was breathing, both from exertion and excitement. It was making me laugh. I tried taking more pictures for a while, but they all looked like this:

Kinda lame. 

Then it was time for a little snack. Edith is doing a bit better about eating. As long as it doesn't seem to have baby written all over it she's pretty keen. Sometimes. Well, always when it comes to pickled beets. Whenever she sees me eating a salad she points at it and starts yelling at me to share. I can cover my salad with beets and be lucky to get one. She also likes black beans and corn from my salads, too, but pickled beets are Edith's favorite. Hands down. Oh, and my favorite part about her eating habits? She chews with her mouth closed. I showed her how and so she does it. Awesome.

Boy, look at the kid! She wore herself out!

Edith still loves to sing, and the crazy part is that you can usually tell what she's singing. Even though Bud could do it, too, I still find it kind of amazing at this age. I asked her to sing us a little song to close the post. Hope you enjoy it. We love you, Edith!


Tamsen said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! I LOVE the second photo you posted. So sweet. Super cute shirt too--glad you let her wear it even though it has buttons at the neck ;).

The Laundry Queen said...

I don't mind these buttons too much, Tams, because the shirt *is* so darn cute and I don't actually have to undo the buttons to put on and take off the shirt. Having to do extra little buttons on a baby that won't hold still isn't my thing. ; )

patti's place said...

What fun pictures and a great memory book you're building for Edith!She is sort of an "in charge" person admittedly, but right now it's a pretty cute thing...but later???

jww said...

I can't believe she's 13 months. I love all the darling pictures. She is a great little girl. Fun to see her talents and personality!