Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

Yeah, so last Saturday something great happened. So fantastic, in fact, that when it occurred I stated, "That will be a part of my next Friday Favorites, that's for sure." It really would be if I could remember what it was. We'll just move on.

1. Ginger officially started soccer practices this week (the boys start next week)-- I'm excited about this because she has a great coach. It's the same coach she had the last time she played a few years ago. Not only does the guy know what he's doing, but he's patient, too. Perfect.

2. Both girls went to the back doctor this week to get their spines checked out. The appointment went well-- the doctor wants to monitor the girls for a little longer, but he doesn't think either one of them will ever have spines that curve to the point of needing intervention. So nice to hear!

3. Edith's other top front tooth finally popped through. We have ourselves a four-teether!

4. Edith pretended to be a tiger baby for a lot of the day today. I'm not sure why, but it makes me kinda happy when she growls at me.

5. I cracked the whip on the kids a little this afternoon and the house is looking better. It made for a rough couple of hours, but as the house got cleaner everyone got happier. It's funny how that happens. Just a little more to do, but I'm feeling good about how things are looking.

6. Big made it through the week alive. Un-maimed, even. Believe me, with the week we had that's really saying something. 

Hmmm... not much this week. If I can remember what it is that I'm supposed to remember (or I can get someone to remember it for me), I'll add it in.