Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites!

The only reason I remembered I needed to do this is because Pen mentioned that she did hers. Thank heavens. I would hate to disappoint my most ardent follower for two weeks in a row!

1. I am in charge of coaching Bud's team for practices this season (Since no one volunteered to coach this season we are kind of doing a community coaching thing. Parents take turns hopping out on the field to coach games and I'm doing practices-- it seems to be working well.). We had our first practice on Monday. All of the boys' different personalities crack me up and I think we have an awesome team. One boy kept giving me a look of disbelief and rolling his eyes when I had them run-- why is it so much more amusing when it's a 7 year old kid with freckles instead of my teen?

2. Big started kindergarten on Tuesday. He absolutely loves it and is making some great friends already. You can read the post about his first day by clicking here.

3. I am trying to parent my children like they are someone else's kids (ie. respond more patiently and express more sympathy, etc.) There were some moments of success, so I think it will work great if I can actually remember that I'm trying to do it.

4. Both Big and Ginger scored goals in their games this week. I was at Big's game so missed seeing Ginger's, but I loved listening to her and Rophone give me the play-by-play. I snapped this photo of Big when he came out for a drink after his big score.

5. Edith had her well-child appointment this week. She's looking great and, of course, refused to say anything until after the doctor left the room. That's okay, the doctor was impressed anyway. I love the fact that Edith weighs in at just over 23 pounds, which is what Big weighed at 6 months. No wonder she seems so light! She is in the 93rd percentile for height and the 60th for head size. I've never had a kid with her proportions, so I can't wait to see how she turns out. Anyway, the favorite in this is that she's healthy and looking good!

6. I'm really enjoying my one-on-one time with Edith now that Big has started school. I may not be getting anything done around the house with my little helper in tow (she either scales the dishwasher like Everest while I'm trying to load it or shuts it over and over, and folding the laundry is a total no-go...), but at least we're getting other important things accomplished.

7. This afternoon, while Edith was napping, Big and I worked out in the yard for almost 2 hours. It felt great to get something done (since as I just mentioned, I haven't been) and I loved working with Big. Life with Big has been difficult as of late-- I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make things better-- so I was thrilled to work with him out in the yard. Big is so happy when he works. The obstinate, disobedient, angry 5 year old that I've been living with disappeared. Instead, the helpful, loving, kind, hard-working kid that I love was back and I was overjoyed to be with him. We need to work together more often. 

All in all, I think it was a pretty good week!


patti's place said...

First week of school down and a zillion other things accomplished. Way to go!

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