Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorite-ish-es

1. We went to a little boutique toy store down the hill on Saturday so the kids could perhaps (if they found something they liked) spend a little of their Christmas money. It's always a fun time.

2. I got to spend some time alone with Rophone on Saturday, running some errands. I've said it before and I'll say it again-- having in-house babysitters rocks.

3. One of the best things to happen all week was Sunday morning when Rophone and I noticed Bud and Edith doing this:

That band needs a bigger practice space! It cracked me up how long they sat there singing and playing together. Finally, Edith started to moan and groan in discomfort and practice was called for the day.

4. I felt pretty crummy on Sunday. This bad air we're experiencing really is doing a number on my sinuses and ears. Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for making both homemade bread and english muffins even though I felt so nasty. 

5. It was such a favorite to have Ginger and Bud rave about how good the bread was for sandwiches. When I picked them up from school they would wax poetic about how delicious it was. With how many things I make that the kids complain about.... definitely a favorite.

6. Bud lost his 3rd top tooth on Tuesday night. He looks so dang cute. And the way he talks? Adorable. I ask him lots of questions just so I can hear him say something. This is one of my favorite stages my kids go through.

7. I really love to read to my kids. I'm getting better at not getting uptight when they turn the page too soon or want to linger on a page too long rather than continuing on with the story. But, really, I love it. 

8. I enjoy having my kids read to me, too, and Big is getting so good! And I learn so much. The story he read to me today about the life cycle of a moth was particularly intriguing. And the up-close pictures were fascinating. That being said, moths are still disgusting. So being read to about moths is a favorite, moths themselves are not. 

9. I know I'm repeating myself here, but my husband is fantastic. I'm grateful for all he does for our family and for how happy he makes me. Favorite!


patti's place said...

Hope everyone is getting better. Like your week!

jww said...

Awesome week. I love the reading, too. And the great husband. :) I SO love the band in the laundry basket. That is the best. SO CUTE!