Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. Ginger had back to back basketball and futsal games last Saturday and Pen was gone to a dance competition. Since Ginger's first game started at lunch time, I stayed home so Edith could nap after she ate. Bud opted to stay home with me, and Rophone took Big along to the games. Being left at home with a napping baby and only one of the other children (and a quiet one, at that!) was absolutely blissful. I guess Big talked Rophone's ear off while they were at the futsal game-- I was so glad for the break. Thanks, honey. You're the best.

2. After I put Edith down for a nap on Saturday, Bud and I did a little housework and then rewarded ourselves with a little game playing. It was great to have some one-on-one time with my middle child. I often feel that Bud gets overlooked a bit since he is so self-motivated and self-entertaining. A few of the other kids demand so much of my attention while Bud just quietly takes care of himself. It makes me feel bad. That's why being able to spend some time together, just me and Bud, is such a favorite. I hope we're able to do it more often.

3. When Big got home I played a game of Parcheesi with him, too. Getting beaten isn't so bad when your opponents are so cute.

4. I made a fantastic fajita meal on Sunday (if I do say so myself). It's one of my favorite things to make and eat as of late. We were happy to be able to invite my mom over to share it with us. Edith, in particular, was so happy to have her here.

5. I got out of the shower on Monday morning (after all the bigger kids were in school) to hear Edith reading aloud to all of her babies. She 'reads' with great inflection. So dang cute.

6. I was helping the kids get snacks after school on Monday when Ginger walked up and tattled on Big:

Ginger: "When I was doing buddy reading with Big today he called a kid in his class a name."

Me: "That's not good. What did he call the kid?"

Ginger: "A sandwich."

Me: "Ummm...a sandwich?" 

Ginger: "Yes. A sandwich."

Me: "A particular kind of sandwich?"

Ginger: "Just a sandwich."

Then a discussion with all of the children ensued about how even calling a kid a 'Sandwich' can be mean if it's delivered in a mean way. The 5 year old was then informed that if he wanted to compliment a kid by calling him a sandwich it was okay, but never is he to call someone a sandwich to be mean.

The whole conversation put a smile on my face. Definitely a favorite part of my week.

7. Even though Big requires a lot of attention and interaction, I really am glad for all that I learn when we're together. 

8. On Wednesday morning I let Edith try on a pair of the new underwear she got from Santa for Christmas, hoping it would light the potty-training spark. She loved the way she looked in them, so much so that she demanded I put them on over her pants. I can't decide if I like Big's underwear over her pants better or these:

Both looks are winners, I think. 

9. We haven't taken the kids anywhere in ages. Rophone felt like last night was the time to get them out of the house, and he was right. Taking a break from taking the kids places made last night's dinner seem more special and fun for them. No complaining, just enjoyment in being out and being together. Perfect.

10. I forgot to post a picture of the ring Rophone bought for me on our getaway. I love it and it was a really good deal. Win win. I love my husband.


Tamsen said...

Would you believe that I've never played Parcheesi? May need to add that to our collection. I love your new ring! Cute kiddos.

patti's place said...

Love the recap of the week and dinner was delicious.

jww said...

Great week. I know what you mean about the quiet self-sustaining kids. Easy to overlook, but so fun to be with!! I have one like that, too. You'll probably guess it's not the oldest one. ;) Cute undies on Edith, too!