Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twenty-three Months with Edith

I can't believe that Edith will be 2 years old just one month from today. Crazy. And, yet, she's getting so big and independent that it's maybe not so hard to believe. I just can't wait for that independence to spill on over into the potty-training arena. (Please, pretty please!) There's just something anti-climactic about the way Edith looks at me and says, "I'm going to go poop." and then politely declines the invitation to sit on the potty. I get my hopes up every time, only to have them dashed on the rocks. One of these days...

Edith is such a social kid. She loves to have a friend along when she does pretty much everything. She sleeps with her baby dolls, her puppy watches her bathe and sit on the potty, she reads to a whole crowd, she shares snacks. And, just like her brother Big, she talks their ears off. 

I love that even though Edith is such a good talker, she still says a bunch of things wrong. And the best part is that it's not that she can't say them correctly. She just chooses to say them incorrectly because that's how she likes to say them. I like that her speech isn't perfect. It will get that way soon enough. Edith still says 'bummy' instead of bunny, 'bled' for bread, 'blanna' for banana... I think one of my favorites is 'wimming poo' for swimming pool. Although she still doesn't seem to be able to say the letter 'v'. I still find excuses to talk to her about 'wultures'. It's so dang cute.

Edith's imagination is so great. She loves to play babies with anyone who's willing and loves to play puppies and work trucks, too. She has really been into pretending to do hair in her salonkitchen and loves pretending to cook me things in her kitchensalon. She pretended to do her dad's hair the other day, and at first she was hauling the sink over to try to shove his head in it. Eventually, she brought him over to the sink to give his hair a shampoo and even got him a hooded towel to drape over his shoulders. What a good stylist!

Here's a picture of Edith with a cup of (absolutely delicious!) alphabet soup she made for me:

Edith still really loves to read and has been enjoying learning letters with her new alphabet puzzle, too. Often I will find her sitting with her feet tucked under the bookcase, reading book after book that she pulls off the shelves. So cute. If not that, then I'm reading to her or she's reading to her 'friends' or her Dad. I'm glad she loves books so much.

Rophone is still Edith's #1 bestie. She misses her dad terribly while he's at work all day (but is very patient about it) and welcomes him giddily when he comes home. Rophone snuggles her and puts her to bed almost every night and she loves it.

Edith is a cereal eater! I'm so, so glad. Big won't touch the stuff, and it's great sometimes to just be able to offer up a bowl of cereal when nothing else will do. Edith has always been a cereal eater, but now she's better at feeding it to herself without turning the spoon sideways and dumping the milk in her lap. Way to go, Edith!

I really can't believe how big Edith is getting. She loves to do big girl things and enjoys taking on responsibilities. Watching her clear her plate after dinner tonight melted my heart. She was so proud of herself.

Happy 23 month, Edith. You are such a big girl and we love you!

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jww said...

SO CUTE!!! So sweet, too! I, too, LOVE the pronunciation "styles" of 2-year-olds. Preston only ever said about 2 words like a baby, so we hold onto those for dear life and still use them. Belinda and Ethan had a lot more of them, and they tickle me to this day. (And we still use them.) I love the photo of Edith looking up at you from the book (AWESOME shot) and the last one is darling. Happy almost-2, Edith!