Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites

Okay. Back on track.

1. I finally got around to making some simple, yet fun and cute, ornaments with the kids last Saturday. The ornaments we chose to make last year were mostly made by me after the kids chose their felt colors (did I ever post pictures of them?). This year I wanted to do something they could be a larger part of. I love how they turned out and am super pleased with myself for keeping the new tradition going for a second year. I'm determined to keep it up so the kids will have some ornaments (that have meaning) when they have their own trees someday. I love what we have so far.

2. Sunday was pretty chill. After church we just kind of hung out. It was nice.

3. Monday morning, Big and I got to shovel some snow together. Being outside doing physical labor makes us both happy. I love unconventional workouts, and shoveling a foot of snow definitely qualifies. It felt good. 

4. Rophone and I did absolutely nothing special for New Year's Eve and it was perfect. I think that maybe we need to find something we can do to make it feel a little more fun and Holiday-like for the younger kids starting next year, but I was happy with how we celebrated this year.

5. I got to snuggle with Edith a bunch this week. So, so nice.

6. I have been snuggling a lot with Big this week, too. We've spent a lot of time talking about work trucks, which makes him super happy. This translates into better behavior, which makes me super duper happy. It's mentally exhausting, but the results are worth it. 

7. I have been roasting a lot of almonds lately, leaving them in a bowl on the counter. The kids have been grabbing small handfuls as they pass by. I'm super happy about doing it because it's such a good snack. Plus, it smells great in here when I roast them.

8. I still love my blender. Making smoothies with it is a definite favorite. I love that Edith started to cry and ask for more when we finished our green smoothie this morning. Yup, definitely a favorite.

9. It has been stinkin' cold this week. And I mean below 0 cold. Brrrr. I know you're probably wondering why this is on my favorites list, but last winter was so meh and un-winter-like that I really wanted us to have a doozy of a winter this year. All of the snow we got, and the fact that it's cold enough to stick around, makes me happy. (If we can get rid of the icky inversion-air that's weighing us down this week, I'll make it part of next week's list)


patti's place said...

Thanks for your workout in my behalf. It's nice to have a child and grandchild that are so helpful. Hope it warms up by next week.

jww said...

Aw, great faves! Cute ornaments, too!