Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Sporting Life

Ginger has sports coming out of her ears these days, and she's loving every minute of it. She is practicing with two basketball teams (but is playing games with only one, thank heavens) and is playing futsal (a type of indoor soccer). Ginger is happiest when she's able to play sports on a team, so right now she's in heaven.

I took my camera along today to both her basketball and futsal games. They were a lot of fun to watch (and to photograph). I'm glad Ginger gets to be involved, even if watching her does make me miss playing. She scored 4 points in her game this week (which I missed getting a picture of because I was so excited to watch it). Well, I did manage this terrible photo of one of her made shots as she let it go (at least the ball is in focus):

She had her tongue flipped over and sticking out pretty much the entire game. Love it.

After a few hours to eat lunch and rest, it was on to futsal. I've never played or even watched futsal before. I'm kinda in love with it. It's so fast moving and the small field requires the girls to use incredible ball control. It will do nothing but benefit them for when they return to normal outdoor play in the spring.

(I love that Ginger has retained the hand form she learned while running track a few years ago) 

Way to hustle out there, Ginger! We love to watch you play!


Sue said...

I love this!! I knew at least a few of your kids would have to be ball-sport athletes like you :)

jww said...

Wow, good for her!!! That is awesome. Love the pics.