Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Individual Style

I think I've mentioned here before Big's love of pairing blue with blue when he gets dressed. It's his favorite color, so he thinks it looks great. "Blue and blue go so well together, Mom." I think he looks like a prisoner out on work release. Except for last week, though. I don't know any prisoner who would wear what Big wore to school that day:

Oh, but I loved it so much, though. Especially the athletic shorts pulled over the sweatpants. So, so awesome. Pen used to pair blue with blue all of the time, too, and she grew out of it, so I'll just enjoy Big's style choices without stressing out too much.

I'm always writing about how different the boys are from each other. I'm really not kidding. I took a photo of Bud's (very typical) outfit a few days later to illustrate. 

The stripe of his socks match his shirt and the toe is the exact same dark burgundy as his pants. All items were bought separately, so it's not like we did it on purpose. And (I promise you) he has coordinated his underwear somehow, too. He always does. Bud has always had a flair for fashion, even if his style used to be a bit more flamboyant.

I love my boys. They both have great style.


jww said...

So cute!! I love the pic of Bud little, too. Cutie pie. And he would fit right in in south Florida, I'll tell you that right now.

Lisa Marie said...

Ha! Awesome old pic of Bud. My kids are all different dressers, too. Eli's always a little too subdued for me, and I have to keep myself from insisting on a little more 'flair'. He's strictly a jeans {no fading, distressing or dyes} and t-shirt {preferably Nike or solid colored v-neck} kind of guy.
Loving Big's haircut, btw.