Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Bud Does

I thought I'd just write a quick post to let you know what Bud has been doing lately. He still goes to school, still loves to climb, still loves piano... and he loves to create. I don't know how else to describe what it is he does. He loves to write and draw, but he also loves to make things out of stuff. He has always been really into textures and colors, and is always feeling things and arranging or folding things to somehow make them into art. It's really hard to explain.

Let's just start with a few of the comic strips he has made lately--

"Greg Heffley is a Winner" is my favorite, I think. Apparently the Republican Party should have backed Greg against Obama.

In "Sk8ting", the rink happens to be inside a cave. It's dark but fun, until one of them runs into a bounce house. "Ow."

Just the other day we were looking for a good saguaro cactus coloring page for Bud to color. When we couldn't find one he really liked, he decided to create his own. Awesome.

Then he was more abstractly inspired--

I think the best way to illustrate Bud's need to always fiddle and create would be with what I found when I went into the bathroom the other day after Bud was in there:

The bathmat has never looked so good! Maybe someday he'll fold me a bathmat swan. I love you, Bud!


janeannechovy said...

I hope when (yes, when) he does fold you a bathmat swan, you post a picture of it for us all to enjoy!

patti's place said...

Love that boy! Thanks for posting.

jww said...

Wow!!! That's all so cool. What a brain!

Michy Ramblez said...

Sooo cute!

Lisa Marie said...

Great artwork, Big!