Friday, March 29, 2013

All the Stuff

I guess I'd better kind of catch up on a few things and post a few pictures before Easter hits this weekend. Following that we have Spring break and I know I'm going to want to post a bit about that. It would be terribly guilt-inducing to get behind. Let's see...

I buzzed my hair shorter than I ever have before. I really like it and Rophone does, too. It's just about time to do it again. I am so glad that my husband thinks I'm hot with my hair so short because I don't think I could give it up and go back to a more time-consuming style. 

The leprechauns came by and wreaked some havoc for St. Patrick's Day. Thank heavens our leprechauns know me well and only make messes that are easily cleaned up. This year they left all of the cupboard doors open in the kitchen, made a tall tower of food boxes on the table (Unopened boxes just in case the tower tumbled over. Smart leprechauns.), pulled apart the basketball hoop and placed a laundry basket on top, used stuffed animals to make a big letter on the floor, and (my personal favorite) put cleats in the microwave. Silly leprechauns.

My family is pretty silly, too, actually. People may say they get it from their mother.

I sure do love the Spring light, it makes me want to take a lot of photos. Since I need so much extra prodding, right? 

The warm weather turned cold again (See?)...

...but we found things to do anyway.

A hot chocolate date with Edith:

Naps (both real and pretend):


Bundling up to "work"...

and then coming back inside to warm up and make cookies:

Edith gained a new skill during the cold snap. One night Rophone went to play basketball after we got the kids in bed. Edith had taken an overly long nap that day and so didn't go immediately asleep. She hollered for Rophone for a minute, but she wasn't too upset so I figured I'd just leave her safely ensconced in her crib. It got quiet after about 5 minutes, so I thought Edith had fallen asleep. Imagine my surprise when, about 15 minutes later, Edith appeared in the doorway wearing her winter hat and said, "Hey, Mom. Where's Dad?". Ummm, what?? Nooooo! Apparently she'd climbed out of her crib and then spent a few minutes rummaging through the winter clothes in the hall closet before popping in. I'm sooo not ready for her to be able to do that. But, oh well. She was awfully proud of herself.

We were so glad when the warmer weather returned. It was a long winter of being cooped up (it was really cold out there!). There's just so much fun to be had outdoors!

Hopefully the nice weather will stick around for Spring Break this next week (I can't believe that it's really here!). 


jww said...

OH HOW FUN!!!!! All of it! :) Your kids are SO cute.

Lisa Marie said...

Great pics in this post! Especially love the outdoor pics & the fake nap pic :) The new 'do is FAB.