Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Stats

Last week I took Edith in for her 2 year well-check. Just as we thought, she's darn near perfect. Aside from the fact that she can't seem to be able to tell the color yellow from blue. She has known her colors forever, but rarely gets the color yellow correct (saying it's blue). Edith does often get it right when we're reading books about colors, but the doctor suspects that she's probably reading the word 'yellow'. Huh. Anyone ever heard of someone being blue/yellow colorblind? 

Anyway, now for the stats:

Weight: 26.9 pounds (54.41%)
Height: 35.6 inches (94.23%)

As you can see, she's a tall, skinny, drink of water. I have to laugh about her weight because both Pen and Big weighed that much at a year old. I'm pretty happy that Edith is a light weight, though-- less to haul around at my advanced age. 

The doctor said that Edith is her favorite patient to see because it's just so fun to talk to her and see what she can do. The best part of the appointment was when Edith totally juked the two of us. The doctor asked her if she would like to jump and Edith said, "Yes. I would." She then slid off the couch and crouched slightly, letting the anticipation build. The doctor was beaming at Edith, hands clasped under her chin, so excited to see what she could do. Edith grinned at her and then abruptly stood back up and climbed back on the couch, leaving us hanging. So funny. What an imp.

I don't blame the doctor for being amazed by Edith-- I'm her mother and even I can't believe it sometimes. Just yesterday at Target, as we neared the end of our shopping trip, we had this conversation:

Edith: "I'd like a cookie, Mom."

Me: "You don't like the cookies from the bakery, Edith."

Edith: "But I think I would like those cookies this time, Mom."

Me: "You always think that, Edith, and then you take a bite and realize you really don't. Why don't we just go home and make cookies you really like instead?"

Edith: "Okay, Mom. You're right. Let's go home and make cookies."

No tantrum. No insistence that she had to have a cookie. Reasonable. And she just turned two. So weird. I'll take it.

(I think she looks like the six-fingered man in this first photo.)


patti's place said...

Way to go...tall is good! And I'll bet by next year she'll know yellow from blue...unless she's color blind?

jww said...

AWWW!!! She's so cute. She actually reminds me a lot of Preston with her abilities, reasoning, etc. It's really fun. He always amazed his doctor, too. She always commented on how articulate he was--he never pronounced anything like a baby. Edith seems the same way. She is SUCH a doll!

Lisa Marie said...

Haha! She did look like the 6-fingered man in the first pic :) Awesome. Such a doll.