Sunday, March 17, 2013


It's starting to seem like Spring has sprung around here. For this week, anyway. Chances are we'll have a couple more good snow storms in the next few months. But, this week the weather was great and we enjoyed it. We walked home from school, went to the park, and just enjoyed a lot of time in the yard. It has been so nice.

Here's a shot of Edith enjoying watching some chickens on the walk home from school. 

Both Big and Edith were over the moon to make our first park outing of the year. I was over the moon that Edith was able to do a lot more climbing on the play structure without assistance. 

After lunch Edith took a nap, so Big and I headed outside so he could play some basketball and I could take some photos of him doing it. I love the joy on his face while he plays-- it's the same as when he was two.

Big has been working on his long-distance shots lately, so he was really hucking the ball. Not great for shooting form, but great for some fun pictures.

He is just so much fun to watch and take pictures of as he plays because he loves it so much and works at it so hard. I could do it forever. Can you tell? Just a few more...

And then, when she awoke from her nap, Edith Big, Jr. came out to join us. 

I think she loves to play basketball almost as much as her brother does. And she let me feed her a yogurt as she played. Girls are so good at multi-tasking. 

Her ball didn't always stay on the court, but she's working hard on it. 

Big sets such a good example for Edith of dedication and determination. Way to go kids! We had such a great week, and when Rophone came home early on Friday and joined us in the backyard it was the perfect way to cap it off. 

Just ask Edith.


patti's place said...

Nice! You are raising super athletes.

jww said...

Oh!! So cute!!! Great photos!! Love them.

Yes, well, I have to say that we were at 19 degrees this morning when I took Belinda to school. We are supposed to get "several inches" of snow this evening. Most everybody I know around here is jealous of the pictures they see on facebook posted by people who live in LESS HATEFUL places than this. I love your photos partially because they're darling, and partially because they are proof that the sun is still alive and out there somewhere.

Lisa Marie said...

Lol. LOVE big's action shots!!