Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twenty-three Months with Edith

I can't believe that Edith will be 2 years old just one month from today. Crazy. And, yet, she's getting so big and independent that it's maybe not so hard to believe. I just can't wait for that independence to spill on over into the potty-training arena. (Please, pretty please!) There's just something anti-climactic about the way Edith looks at me and says, "I'm going to go poop." and then politely declines the invitation to sit on the potty. I get my hopes up every time, only to have them dashed on the rocks. One of these days...

Edith is such a social kid. She loves to have a friend along when she does pretty much everything. She sleeps with her baby dolls, her puppy watches her bathe and sit on the potty, she reads to a whole crowd, she shares snacks. And, just like her brother Big, she talks their ears off. 

I love that even though Edith is such a good talker, she still says a bunch of things wrong. And the best part is that it's not that she can't say them correctly. She just chooses to say them incorrectly because that's how she likes to say them. I like that her speech isn't perfect. It will get that way soon enough. Edith still says 'bummy' instead of bunny, 'bled' for bread, 'blanna' for banana... I think one of my favorites is 'wimming poo' for swimming pool. Although she still doesn't seem to be able to say the letter 'v'. I still find excuses to talk to her about 'wultures'. It's so dang cute.

Edith's imagination is so great. She loves to play babies with anyone who's willing and loves to play puppies and work trucks, too. She has really been into pretending to do hair in her salonkitchen and loves pretending to cook me things in her kitchensalon. She pretended to do her dad's hair the other day, and at first she was hauling the sink over to try to shove his head in it. Eventually, she brought him over to the sink to give his hair a shampoo and even got him a hooded towel to drape over his shoulders. What a good stylist!

Here's a picture of Edith with a cup of (absolutely delicious!) alphabet soup she made for me:

Edith still really loves to read and has been enjoying learning letters with her new alphabet puzzle, too. Often I will find her sitting with her feet tucked under the bookcase, reading book after book that she pulls off the shelves. So cute. If not that, then I'm reading to her or she's reading to her 'friends' or her Dad. I'm glad she loves books so much.

Rophone is still Edith's #1 bestie. She misses her dad terribly while he's at work all day (but is very patient about it) and welcomes him giddily when he comes home. Rophone snuggles her and puts her to bed almost every night and she loves it.

Edith is a cereal eater! I'm so, so glad. Big won't touch the stuff, and it's great sometimes to just be able to offer up a bowl of cereal when nothing else will do. Edith has always been a cereal eater, but now she's better at feeding it to herself without turning the spoon sideways and dumping the milk in her lap. Way to go, Edith!

I really can't believe how big Edith is getting. She loves to do big girl things and enjoys taking on responsibilities. Watching her clear her plate after dinner tonight melted my heart. She was so proud of herself.

Happy 23 month, Edith. You are such a big girl and we love you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Sporting Life

Ginger has sports coming out of her ears these days, and she's loving every minute of it. She is practicing with two basketball teams (but is playing games with only one, thank heavens) and is playing futsal (a type of indoor soccer). Ginger is happiest when she's able to play sports on a team, so right now she's in heaven.

I took my camera along today to both her basketball and futsal games. They were a lot of fun to watch (and to photograph). I'm glad Ginger gets to be involved, even if watching her does make me miss playing. She scored 4 points in her game this week (which I missed getting a picture of because I was so excited to watch it). Well, I did manage this terrible photo of one of her made shots as she let it go (at least the ball is in focus):

She had her tongue flipped over and sticking out pretty much the entire game. Love it.

After a few hours to eat lunch and rest, it was on to futsal. I've never played or even watched futsal before. I'm kinda in love with it. It's so fast moving and the small field requires the girls to use incredible ball control. It will do nothing but benefit them for when they return to normal outdoor play in the spring.

(I love that Ginger has retained the hand form she learned while running track a few years ago) 

Way to hustle out there, Ginger! We love to watch you play!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorite-ish-es

1. We went to a little boutique toy store down the hill on Saturday so the kids could perhaps (if they found something they liked) spend a little of their Christmas money. It's always a fun time.

2. I got to spend some time alone with Rophone on Saturday, running some errands. I've said it before and I'll say it again-- having in-house babysitters rocks.

3. One of the best things to happen all week was Sunday morning when Rophone and I noticed Bud and Edith doing this:

That band needs a bigger practice space! It cracked me up how long they sat there singing and playing together. Finally, Edith started to moan and groan in discomfort and practice was called for the day.

4. I felt pretty crummy on Sunday. This bad air we're experiencing really is doing a number on my sinuses and ears. Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for making both homemade bread and english muffins even though I felt so nasty. 

5. It was such a favorite to have Ginger and Bud rave about how good the bread was for sandwiches. When I picked them up from school they would wax poetic about how delicious it was. With how many things I make that the kids complain about.... definitely a favorite.

6. Bud lost his 3rd top tooth on Tuesday night. He looks so dang cute. And the way he talks? Adorable. I ask him lots of questions just so I can hear him say something. This is one of my favorite stages my kids go through.

7. I really love to read to my kids. I'm getting better at not getting uptight when they turn the page too soon or want to linger on a page too long rather than continuing on with the story. But, really, I love it. 

8. I enjoy having my kids read to me, too, and Big is getting so good! And I learn so much. The story he read to me today about the life cycle of a moth was particularly intriguing. And the up-close pictures were fascinating. That being said, moths are still disgusting. So being read to about moths is a favorite, moths themselves are not. 

9. I know I'm repeating myself here, but my husband is fantastic. I'm grateful for all he does for our family and for how happy he makes me. Favorite!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. Ginger had back to back basketball and futsal games last Saturday and Pen was gone to a dance competition. Since Ginger's first game started at lunch time, I stayed home so Edith could nap after she ate. Bud opted to stay home with me, and Rophone took Big along to the games. Being left at home with a napping baby and only one of the other children (and a quiet one, at that!) was absolutely blissful. I guess Big talked Rophone's ear off while they were at the futsal game-- I was so glad for the break. Thanks, honey. You're the best.

2. After I put Edith down for a nap on Saturday, Bud and I did a little housework and then rewarded ourselves with a little game playing. It was great to have some one-on-one time with my middle child. I often feel that Bud gets overlooked a bit since he is so self-motivated and self-entertaining. A few of the other kids demand so much of my attention while Bud just quietly takes care of himself. It makes me feel bad. That's why being able to spend some time together, just me and Bud, is such a favorite. I hope we're able to do it more often.

3. When Big got home I played a game of Parcheesi with him, too. Getting beaten isn't so bad when your opponents are so cute.

4. I made a fantastic fajita meal on Sunday (if I do say so myself). It's one of my favorite things to make and eat as of late. We were happy to be able to invite my mom over to share it with us. Edith, in particular, was so happy to have her here.

5. I got out of the shower on Monday morning (after all the bigger kids were in school) to hear Edith reading aloud to all of her babies. She 'reads' with great inflection. So dang cute.

6. I was helping the kids get snacks after school on Monday when Ginger walked up and tattled on Big:

Ginger: "When I was doing buddy reading with Big today he called a kid in his class a name."

Me: "That's not good. What did he call the kid?"

Ginger: "A sandwich."

Me: "Ummm...a sandwich?" 

Ginger: "Yes. A sandwich."

Me: "A particular kind of sandwich?"

Ginger: "Just a sandwich."

Then a discussion with all of the children ensued about how even calling a kid a 'Sandwich' can be mean if it's delivered in a mean way. The 5 year old was then informed that if he wanted to compliment a kid by calling him a sandwich it was okay, but never is he to call someone a sandwich to be mean.

The whole conversation put a smile on my face. Definitely a favorite part of my week.

7. Even though Big requires a lot of attention and interaction, I really am glad for all that I learn when we're together. 

8. On Wednesday morning I let Edith try on a pair of the new underwear she got from Santa for Christmas, hoping it would light the potty-training spark. She loved the way she looked in them, so much so that she demanded I put them on over her pants. I can't decide if I like Big's underwear over her pants better or these:

Both looks are winners, I think. 

9. We haven't taken the kids anywhere in ages. Rophone felt like last night was the time to get them out of the house, and he was right. Taking a break from taking the kids places made last night's dinner seem more special and fun for them. No complaining, just enjoyment in being out and being together. Perfect.

10. I forgot to post a picture of the ring Rophone bought for me on our getaway. I love it and it was a really good deal. Win win. I love my husband.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. The air was really crummy this week (enough so that they kept the kids in for recess). It really makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious. Yucky, see?

That isn't the favorite. The fact that the air cleared up over the past few days and now we're getting pounded with snow is the favorite. I feel like I can breathe again.

2. Last Saturday, I mentioned that there was a load of laundry in the dryer that needed to be folded. I was shocked when Big quickly jumped up and volunteered to go down and get it. He hauled the full laundry basket up the spiral staircase and Bud eagerly offered to help him fold it. I'm not sure what prompted the helpful cooperation, but I'll take it. My favorite fold-job was the long sleeved shirt of mine that Big folded with the inside-out sleeves sticking out through the neck hole. Perfect.

3. Big and I talked a lot more about work trucks this week. It's amazing how it helps his behavior. It's a fun way to bond, too.

3. I love these pictures I took of Big and Edith at the bread store. It's fun to go there together as a part of our routine. The picture of Big makes me laugh-- clearly the bite he's swallowing is going down a bit dryly. Better take a swig of that water, Big.

4. My favorite show is back for a new season. Thank heavens we can stream it online so I can watch it even without a TV. 

5. This is the first full week we've been back in the routine after break. It's kinda nice to be back at it. The kids are definitely happier when they're busier and can feel like they're doing their own things. Makes me happy, too. I occasionally get a few minutes downtime in the car-- it's not much, but it's better than nothing.

6. My sister, Martha, had my mom bring me a little surprise in her suitcase. I am currently typing my blog post on it. Even though this is Friday Favorites, I'm not going to say she's my favorite sister, but I am awfully glad for a sister who is so generous. Thanks, Martha (and Plumbean)!

7. I was so excited when Edith wanted to take our picture together with her phone because she usually tries to avoid having her photo taken. Since Edith's phone doesn't really work, I thought it would be a good chance to take some shots with my phone, too.

8. Big totally photo-bombed us McKayla Mulroney style in this one. I love it.

9. Today was Big's chance to share his 'All About Me' poster in school. For about the last 15 minutes of class he got to share some things about himself and answer questions posed by his classmates (among other things). He enjoyed being King.

10. I am so glad that I have a husband who loves and supports me so much. I really love him, too.