Thursday, April 23, 2009

Action Shots

Last entry, I wrote about The 365 Day Ashlland Challenge. Part of the idea behind the challenge is to help me learn photography. Because of this, the other day I attempted to snap an action shot. I have never been good at action shots. They never turn out the way that I envision them, so I figured now would be the time to figure out how to remedy that.

Bud was jumping down the neighbor's front steps so I took my chance. This picture isn't great, but I took worse, believe me. I rather like the way his arms extend back, and if you squint you can see that he has a great look on his face.

I laugh at the way I framed this next shot of Big. When he told me he was going to jump I seem to have forgotten the fact that he's not quite two and is, well, BIG. I framed the shot as though he was going to jump a lot higher and farther than he did. Oh, well. I do absolutely love the look on his face though.

Obviously, my action shots still need a lot of work. But that's what this challenge is all about.

Here are a few bonus shots of Big. For a kid that loves to bite and pull his brother Bud's hair he sure knows how to show off his angelic side:

I'm about to give you another bonus, can you believe it? A funny story!

I have been doing this one workout every morning lately. It is a Jillian Michaels workout I can get On Demand through my cable company, and it kicks my butt. Apparently the boys like to watch me get my butt kicked, because every morning they settle in on the couch to watch the entertainment. They sometimes join in on a few of the exercises, but most often just sit there watching and listening to Jillian tell me to keep my abs tight while I perform the various moves.

Yesterday, when I was outside using sidewalk chalk with the boys, Bud informed me that he was going to teach me how to draw the number 8. I said, "Okay". I mean, my eights could use some improvement (can't everyone's?).

Bud then says, "Now, keeping your abs tight...." and proceeded to show me how to draw an 8 while he continued his explanation.

If any of you would like Bud to tutor you on how to draw an 8, I can set you up. Not only will your 8s look better, but your abs will be tighter.... what a deal! (All for only $19.95!)


Jen said...

The story is priceless! LOL (I love the pics too!)

Klayman said...

Big looks like he is levitating, like he has just learned how to convert yelling into blast off power and he is launching into space.

jwise said...

LOL-- funny abs/8 story!! I love the pictures, but I totally disagree with you saying that you're doing this challenge to help you "learn photography." YOU DON'T NEED TO LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY, WOMAN!! You take amazing stuff!

The Laundry Queen said...

Klay-- I love your interpretation of the picture of Big! Awesome. Now I am seeing it in a brand new way. ; )

Thanks, Jen and jwise!