Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

We had a great Easter! We got up and had a nummy pancake breakfast (we broke with tradition this year because of lack of desire on my part to get up too early) and then fairly quickly looked in our baskets to see what the Easter Bunny brought. When you have church at 9 am, there's just no time to dilly dally. The 3 older kids got new outfits, and Big got a fun new toy.

Hurriedly, we got ready for church and actually made it on time-- although I stayed behind to get the roast started, but that's another story (see next entry). After church, we hunted Easter eggs. We asked the Easter Bunny to cut back on the sweets this year, so the kids got Hot Wheels and Littlest Pet Shop creatures in the big eggs, with just a little candy in some of the small eggs they hunted (are Littlest Pet Shop not the weirdest things ever? Hmmm... maybe not better than candy.)

I tried to get the kids to pose for our annual "posed" Easter pictures. No go. They absolutely refused, so I made do. At least I got some work out of Big. Here he is sweeping the porch:

I absolutely love the way Bud carried his Easter basket over his shoulder like it was a purse. And just look at his face as he displays his brand new "little cars":

Ginger went crazy for her 2 new Littlest Pet Shop creatures, especially the bird who she named Lemon:

Pen received a new Sunday outfit from the Easter Bunny. She has been eyeing this peasant skirt in a catalog for ages, so was thrilled to find it in her basket.

All in all, it was a pleasant, low-key Easter. Just my speed. Well, except for the cooking part. But, like I said, that's another story.


Jen said...

Such cute pics of the kids -- I especially love the one of Pen twirling. Great action!

jwise said...

Great, GREAT pictures! You always do that! :)