Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Wish

Here are just a few of the things I wish today:

1. I wish I were more patient with my kids.

2. I wish that when the baby has a bite of food in his mouth, and realizes that he's thirsty, that he would finish chewing and swallowing and not just spit the food out in order to take a drink (see #1).

3. I wish I could write and make money doing it.

4. I wish that kids were pre-wired at birth to pick up any messes they make (oh, and to put away clean clothes and not just throw them in the laundry because it's easier).

5. I wish I felt inspired.

6. I wish pedicures were free.

7. I wish I could take a photography class and become better at it.

8. I wish I could loosen up a little (okay, a lot!).

9. I wish Girl Scout Thin Mints were a vegetable (then I'd feel better about how many I ate this year-- frozen, they have to be frozen!).

10. I wish I could have a home on the water and go for a leisurely paddle in a kayak or canoe every morning.

11. I wish I didn't have a canker sore on the tip of my tongue.

12. I wish I could start some things over again.

13. I wish mosquitos didn't bite.

14. I wish that my kids would play together every day as nicely as they are doing right now.

15. I wish that everyone liked me.

16. I wish happiness upon all those I love (and even those I don't)!

17. I wish I were better at recognizing the needs of others.

18. I wish I could eat a bowl of fresh Oregon berries right now.

19. I wish my car could be like a mini-van on the inside, but look like something else on the outside.

20. I wish I knew how to speak "girl".


Babs said...

#9-I have a box in my freezer too, and I also wish they were a vegetable.
#11-Hold a piece of rock salt on it as long as you can stand it, and it will probably be gone tomorrow.
#15-They do :)

Happy Sunday!

Becki said...

I like you. And ditto on #18. I wish I didn't stay up so late every evening so I wouldn't be tired in the morning, but I am addicted to thinking my own thoughts and that only happens at night.

Jen said...

I find with my girl, the best "girl" I ever speak is when I go sit on her bed and don't say much of anything, just let her talk.

I echo most of your wishes -- I'll join you in that photography class and we can write together too! :D

Lisa Marie said...

#1- I wish that everyday!
#3- What do you mean you WISH? Don't you realize that you could, if you wanted to? You're a fantastic writer. I'm thinking a children's book would probably be a specialty of yours.
#4- That would just be...(I don't know what to insert here- there are no words to descirbe the elation. Just the idea of it makes we want to go frolicing in a field of daisies).
#7- So do I!! Maybe when you're here, we can do it together ;)
#9- Don't we all?
#10- That would, indeed, be heaven.
#15- In the words of Babs, "They do :)"

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks for all your suggestions (Jen, you're so right, I need to be a better listener-- Babs, you say that like everyone just has rock salt around the house : ) )

Lima-- I am so flattered that you think I have the chops to write something. I actually have a children's book that I kind of abandoned my efforts on a while back, I already have plans to resurrect it this week, so we'll see. It would be fantastic.

Becki-- I also stay up way too late! I, too, am addicted to thinking my own thoughts and don't plan on going to rehab for it!

Oh, and I like all of you so much it's sickening!! (I did before you said nice things. For real.)

janeannechovy said...

# 2 made me laugh out loud. And I'm totally with you on #19. I swear one of these days I *will* have flames painted on the front fenders. Pedicures are free if you trade them with your sisters. Duh. And for canker sores I always dip a Qtip in original Listerine and press it right on it. Rinsing your whole mouth with Listerine is pretty effective, too, but that stuff is too nasty for me to do that except in the most dire circumstances.

And the fact that you don't have rock salt handy means I need to add an ice cream maker to your Christmas list. :)

The Laundry Queen said...

janeannechovy-- I'm glad #2 made you laugh. You can totally see him doing it, can't you?

I swished Listerine around a few times (with how the cankers have been spreading as of late, I figure better safe than sorry-- but I like the Q-tip idea).

Count yourself with the others above on the "being liked" thing. ; )

laura said...

#2 is a multiple times a day "thing" at our house! :-)

jwise said...

I'm totally with you on about 98% of those!!!! And I bet everybody DOES like you! :)