Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

It was quite a week. As usual, there have been some less than fantastic things intermixed with the favorites, but the favorites definitely win out this week. By far.

1. I had the baby!!!! Yeah, this one definitely tops the list. Sunday night was crazy and memorable, and the end product is so worth it.

2. I'm not pregnant any more! Some of you may think that this is the same as #1 on the list, but it's not. Anyone who has lived through the last few weeks of a pregnancy knows this. I'm going to go cut my toenails to celebrate!

3. We finally are all back together at home after spending most of the week in the NICU with the baby. The whole NICU thing sucked, but I'm glad an observant nurse noticed that something was wrong. 

4. A definite favorite around here is getting to do this:

5. My kids were fantastic and helpful during what was a hectic and out-of-sorts week. They all acted more maturely and flexibly than I ever could have hoped for. 

6. Great neighbors stepped up and made maneuvering our week possible. So much willingness to serve. Thanks neighbors!


John R said...

Great Friday Fav's. Wonderful picture of Rophone and the baby. It's wonderful to have wonderful neighbors and friends. It's great to hear th e kids stepped up. Thanks for all you do.

patti's place said...

I just have to say "Ditto". It's really nice to end a week on a positive note and you are doing that!Love you!

Sue said...

Nice! Can't wait to see her again!

jww said...

Love ALL the favorites! Each of them is important in its own right. Fabulous. Congrats on all of them. :)