Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. I made it through the week with Rophone back at work! Barely, but I made it. Admittedly, Rophone is still doing all the drop-offs and pick-ups of the kids so I have it pretty "easy", but I'm still counting it as a victory.

2. Edith's 2 week appointment went well.

3. I know I haven't mentioned this before, but I have been experiencing high blood pressure/low heart rate issues since I gave birth (for the third time-- it happened after Bud and Big, too). Anyway, I was proactive this time and the blood pressure meds are doing their thing and I'm glad. The heart rate is still a little wonky, but I know that will even out over time. So, I'm glad for medicines that can make us feel better.

4. It's parent/teacher conference time again and all of the kids are doing fantastically in school. I'm proud of Pen and how involved she is with her own educational experience. She's not afraid to stay after to clarify things with her teachers if needs be, either to receive help or to make sure she receives a fair shake-- something I never would have had the guts to do.

5. A nice neighbor brought us some homemade bread this afternoon-- a built-in snack for the kids that they were eager to eat. Thanks, neighbor!

6. I managed to wash dishes, clean the bathrooms, and do several loads of laundry this week. It's amazing how the things I used to dread are feeling like sort of an escape-to-normalcy right now. But, whatever. I'll take it, and it gets things done.

7. Rophone came home a little early today. It's been a rough one. Thanks, Rophone.


patti's place said...

I love reading your Friday Favorites; it's a great way to put a positive end on a week and to look at the good things amongst the negatives. Keep it up! Love you!

jww said...

Good!! Great favorites from the week. And good for Pen (#4)!!

mk said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!! And that things are going well. Your husband rocks.