Thursday, March 17, 2011


Edith had her two-week appointment today-- a little late (she's actually 18 days old), but the doctor wanted to give her a chance to get back to her birthweight since she lost extra while in the NICU. Ha! Anyone who knows me and the milk I produce will laugh that the doctor thought she'd need extra time. 

Anyway, he was quite impressed with her growth in the past 10 days. I knew that once I was able to get my mitts on her out of the NICU and could really get going on the nursing that she'd be just fine. As long as I have a kid who likes to nurse, their growth won't be a problem.

Her growth percentiles are based on a 20 day old baby (apparently my pediatrician's program has trouble calculating the number of days in February), so I guess that means Edith's percentages are really a little higher... not that they aren't in the 'overachiever' bracket already.

Weight: 10 pounds 6 oz (93.5%)-- remember, she weighed 9 pounds 7 oz. at birth.
Height: 23 in. (98.5%)
Head: 14.9 in. (80.6 %) a half inch bigger than 10 days ago!

My doctor's theory is that a bigger baby is stronger and will take bigger, deeper breaths, and be less likely to need oxygen and monitoring. I think we pretty much hit the baby's growth thing out of the ballpark, so hopefully we're well on our way to being tether-free!

Oh, and all of my family and friends might want to start on some sort of weight-training regimen to prepare for when you get a chance to hold Edith. I don't think Big weighed this much until he was a month old, and you all know how he turned out. Just sayin'.


janeannechovy said...

Yay Edith! Now post more pictures (and add her to your sidebar).

Do I sound like a broken record?

Tamsen said...

Wow! I'm glad she is eating and growing so well. What needs to happen now to be oxygen/monitor free? How often do they check her? Can't WAIT to hold her!

SassyMama said...

Well done, Edith.
But you didn't mention what her oxygen sats were... did they not check it???
Inquiring minds want to know.

The Laundry Queen said...

JA-- I'm waiting for it not to be overcast so I can take more photos. Maybe tomorrow.

Tams-- in two weeks we go for an overnight study to see how her SAT levels do without oxygen supplementation-- if all goes well, we'll be done. The monitors.. once they put the baby on them they basically make you keep them for 2 months, but then i suspect we'll be done with that, too.

The Laundry Queen said...

Sassy-- They didn't check, believe it or not. I don't think they're overly concerned about her. She's doing really well.

jww said...

YAY!!! I hope she can be oxygen (and associated cords)- free soon!!! She sounds like all my babies, size-wise. Mine never had any problem with growth, eating, all that good stuff.

carmar76 said...

happy happy edith! you rock, and for that reason, i have awarded you an award at my bloggity blog. : ) congrats!

John R said...

Maybe she will be taller than the aunt she is named after?

patti's place said...

So glad that she is growing so well; of course, you do feed them cream, don't you? I'm with JA...more pictures...and know with your camera abilities it won't be long. Love you...and Edith...and all!!

mk said...

Yay for no tethers!! And she IS big. Good thing I've had Ethan to practice on. :)