Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. I am so happy that another week has gone by. That means we're getting closer to when life will feel more normal again (a schedule is my friend). I'm taking it day by day right now-- each that goes by feels like some sort of victory.

2. Big helped me with the dishes yesterday. We had a good time. He is a really good worker and it makes him happy.

3. Pen got straight A's for the term. Good job, Pen!

4. I love the fact that Bud has really been bitten by the reading bug. He usually reads 200+ pages a day (and still has plenty of time to play-- he's quite the speed reader). It's just fun to see.

5. Ginger made brownies all by herself and even let Bud be her assistant. They turned out great.

6. Edith smiled and laughed at her dad this afternoon. So cute. She was so happy to see him when he picked her up. She laughed again just now, in fact. Awesome. I can't wait until she does it to me.


mk said...

i love all of these!! when the weather is nice i think i'll load ethan up in the stroller and walk up there for a visit. :)

John R said...

Thanks for the Friday favorites.

patti's place said...

I would love to see a picture of Edith's smile! and I enjoyed your Friday favorites, too.

jww said...

Hooray for every one of them! They're all fantastic!

carmar76 said...

WTG to all the kids! Sounds like they've had a very productive week! : )