Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home at Last

The baby was finally able to come home today. Wow, so nice. The family is back together (with a new addition) and it feels like it's supposed to. Although, admittedly, with the little munchkin on oxygen and monitors for her heart and breathing, it isn't quite what I hoped or thought it would be. 

I am so grateful to Rophone for all he has done since I had her-- getting the kids where they needed to go (or arranging for someone else to do so), holding down the fort, and finding places for the younger kids to be when not in school so he could be with me and the baby at the hospital. He made the 20-25 minute trip (each way) to the hospital at least 3 times a day. 

Yup. Rophone is a fabulous partner and I'm so happy to be back together, tag-team parenting the way we know how. Even though there is worry and anxiety where the baby is concerned, all feels right with the world again. 

I quickly took some pictures today after we arrived home (not good ones) to document the first time the older kids got to meet their new sister. The baby was hungry when I made the attempt, so she managed to cry herself into a lobster-y state. 

Here's one to document her take-home outfit:

The light wasn't great, but the kids' different reactions to holding their sister for the first time just had to be documented. 

We are so happy that everyone is home together at last!


patti's place said...

Congratulations on being home! Any idea how long you'll have to have her on the monitors? We'll be anxious to Skype. Give us a call!

John R said...

Great pics of all the kids and the new one. Where is Dad through all this. Would love to see a pic of him with the new girl. It is great to have everyone together.

jww said...

I love these, I love these!! Too bad about the oxygen & etc., but hopefully she'll be done with it soon. Glad it's helped her. And YAY for Rophone. Yay that you have Rophone. Yay that he is awesome.

Lindseybabe said...

Those are such precious pictures! I love all their different reactions and the last pic made me cry! How sweet was Pen with her! I hope all will continue uphill! Can't wait to meet her!

The Laundry Queen said...

Amen, jww!

SassyMama said...

So glad to hear you are both home and doing well. Bummer with the oxygen and monitors, I know how it complicates things.

Love the pics!

mk said...

Those pictures are fantastic!! I'm so happy for you guys, and I can't wait to meet her! I'm glad you're home!

Tamsen said...

Your girls look so grown up (and similar) in these pics. How is Big doing with this transition to big bro (he looks awfully happy here)? Seriously, so cute. When I finally get to see her I'll expect that E will have all sorts of adorable rolls and chub to love on. :)