Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Woah! I almost forgot.

1. We made it through the first week home! 

2. I made banana bread this morning-- it felt good to do something normal (besides the dishes and laundry I've done) and it tastes good, too.  I am looking forward to establishing our new norm around here. I feel like we're all housed in some sort of weird post-partum bubble. I don't know how John Travolta did it. The bubble thing, I mean.

3. I've got a cute baby sleeping on me right now. She keeps puckering her lips into a little Cheerio while she sleeps.

4. We're turning in our cable boxes and getting rid of TV. I know I'll miss a few shows temporarily, but I'm excited.

5. We've had some really great weather this week that has allowed the kids to spend a lot of time playing outside. They've been playing hard and having fun. Awesome.

6. Because of all the time he was able to spend outside, and because of his perseverance (I mean, the kid practices and practices), Big was able to make a shot in the 8 foot hoop. Several, in fact. Definitely an event to be celebrated.

7. Rophone is doing the dishes and making dinner as I type this (one-handed). A fabulous thing I think we should work into our new norm more often. I love my husband.


janeannechovy said...

Congrats to Big! And you know I'm going to ask you for a picture of the Cheerio mouth. :)

Heaven help me, my captcha is (I kid you not) palin. Michael, not Sarah, please, is all I can say.

patti's place said...

I loved a little catch up with your Friday Favorites. How is Edith doing? Is she a good eater, sleeper, etc. etc. Send us an update, please!

jww said...

Hooray for ALL these favorites!! :) Hope no-TV is great! We had planned on switching to Netflix, but we canceled our service almost a month ago and haven't gotten around to getting Netflix yet, and nobody is complaining....

Tamsen said...

Way to go, Big! That's awesome. And I love the name Edith :)