Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

A little bit of craziness has ensued in the past week. 

1. My folks returned early from Armenia bringing both good and bad things. Bad: because of the reason (a detached retina for my mom) and because of the fact that it pushes up our move (I can hardly manage to shower, let alone pack up the house). Good: They got to see Edith, my mom can't see how messy her house is very well, and they'll be here for the birth of my sister, Auntie Art's, twins. 

I declare the good things the winner! Every girl wants her mom there after she has a baby, especially when it's her first.

2. A good friend of mine came into town this week and stopped by with his family. It was great to see them, and he brought Edith her very first volleyball. My friend is addicted to the sport and is clearly trying to steer Edith in that direction. 

3. It's bike riding season again! The kids have had fun pedaling around, and hopefully Bud will be training wheel free by the time he turns 6 in two weeks.

4. We are moving to a house right around the corner-- we almost didn't apply to rent it because it was available earlier than we needed. It's a good thing we decided to anyway, since now we need it earlier! It's a great house and we've lived there before (when I was pregnant with Bud until just after he was born). This time, though, none of the kids will be doing cherry drops from the underside of the spiral staircase! I hope.

5. Edith did her sleep study last night to see if she can go off the oxygen. A night of no beeps or alarms is what we got, so we're hoping she'll get rid of the cannula forever. Her doctor's office didn't get the results today, unfortunately, so we have a little longer of cannula in, cannula out until they tell us we're done. I'm just happy Edith did so well.

It's been a great week overall-- hopefully next week will be great, too (and more productive)!


Laura said...

What a week of different emotions. So glad so many of them are happy ones!

janeannechovy said...


Tell Bud the Wizard can hardly wait to bike with him this summer in Sunriver!

jww said...

I'm happy for so many "good"s. What a week for you!

t0moo said...

I think that "addicted" is a rather strong word. I'm sure your friend could give up volleyball any time he wants to. It just MUST be that he chooses not to. And why should he - it's just the best game in the world.