Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Talk

Bud absolutely loves his baby sister, Edith. Every time he walks by her he has to pause for a quick kiss on her head, pat to her belly, or a chat. He talks to her in the cutest high-pitched 5 year old sing-songy voice. Today while I was changing her diaper, Bud sat by her head for some conversation.

(I don't know how to type sing-songy, so just use your imagination)

Bud: "Hi, Edith!"

Edith: Looks at Bud adoringly

Bud: "I love you."

Edith: "Coo"

Bud (still sing-songy): Did you know that in 1906 there was a huge earthquake in San Francisco?"

Edith: Smiles

Bud: "Yup. A really big earthquake. It left cracks in the ground."

Edith: "Goo"

Bud (super sing-songy): "And mothers and babies fell out of windows."

Edith: Smiles and laughs

Bud is such a sweet talker.


carmar76 said...

LOL and is a great historical story teller?

jww said...

That's hilarious. Just goes to show anything sounds good in a sweet-sing-songy voice!

mk said...

Haha crack me up.

John R said...

That is just too good. Glad you recorded it for posterity... and Bud and Edith.

Lindseybabe said...

Too funny! He can give me a pep talk anytime!